BICSI TE350: Technician

This course is a hands-on/application-focused course aimed at helping learners make a smooth transition from being an individual contributing team member to leading a crew in a supervisor capacity. This course includes modules on cable termination, splicing, testing and troubleshooting as well as covering topics such as bonding and grounding (earthing), firestopping practices, and project management as outlined in the 8th edition of the Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM).

TE350 Course Information

  • Why Should I Attend?

    Be recognized as a leader in the ICT industry. As a fully trained and credentialed BICSI Technician (TECH), you'll stand out from your competition when overseeing, planning and managing installation projects.

    This course offers multiple opportunities for hands-on practice. Activities include learning to:

    • Interpret blueprints
    • Apply a standards-compliant labeling scheme (e.g., ANSI/TIA-606)
    • Troubleshoot a UTP link/channel with a certification test set
    • Troubleshoot an optical fiber channel with an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR)

    Please note: The Technician (TECH) exam is not included in the course fee. You must register for the exam separately.

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  • Who Should Attend?

    This program is ideal for:

    • Highly experienced ICT installers with at least three years of verifiable cabling experience
    • Anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of the industry, learn new skills and continue to advance professionally
    • Individuals currently holding the INST1, INSTC or INSTF credential who are seeking to advance in their career by sitting for the BICSI Technician (TECH) exam
    • Individuals planning to sit for the BICSI Technician (TECH) exam (you must apply for the exam separately from the course).
  • What Are the Knowledge and Skills Requirements?

    Participants must be able to:

    • Distinguish between different colors
    • Possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks
    • Stand for extended periods of time (e.g., 30 minutes)
    • Climb ladders
    • Lift and carry items weighing ≈22.7 kg (50 lb)
  • What Prerequisites and Preparation are Required?

    BICSI recommends that all students who take this class have at least three years of current ICT industry installation experience within the last five years.

    For all individuals who plan to take the exam after the class, please click here to read more about the TECH exam eligibility requirements.

    This course builds on the skills and knowledge covered in the Installer 2, Copper Training and Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training courses. Although completing these courses prior to attending is not a requirement, BICSI highly recommends that students complete these courses and/or obtain the Installer 2, Copper (INSTC) and Installer 2, Optical Fiber (INSTF) credentials prior to attending this class.

    If you feel that you may not be fully prepared for this course, BICSI recommends that you complete IN225: Installer 2, Copper Training (recommended for learners with one year of experience) and IN250: Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training (recommended for learners with two years of experience) prior to attending this class, and complete the exams to earn the credentials prior to class.

    BICSI strongly recommends reading the Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM) before coming to class and/or taking the exam.

    For students who plan to take the exam, BICSI recommends that examinees spend at least 50 hours studying the ITSIMM.

    Order the ITSIMM before class!
  • What Course Materials Are Required?

  • Can I Earn Credit?

    Yes, you can earn 35 continuing education credits (CECs) toward an existing BICSI credential recertification requirement, upon successfully completing this program.
  • What is the Attendance Policy?

    Participation in all originally scheduled days of the program is mandatory in order to receive the certificate of completion and 35 CECs.

    Participants who fulfill the attendance requirement will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the program. Please note that this is not the TECH Certification, which requires a separate exam application (apply by clicking on link below). 

    Apply for the TECH Exam

    Review BICSI Course Cancellation Policy
  • How Long is this Course?

    This class takes place over a period of 4.5 Days; 5 days if the credential exam is desired. The exam is conducted in two parts: the hands-on exam (typically on a Friday afternoon) and the written exam is conducted at a Pearson VUE Testing Center of the examinee’s choosing.

    Apply for the Technician (TECH) certification!

I Registered for the TE350 Course. What Happens Next?

  • Review Your Confirmation Email

    Immediately after completing your enrollment in this course, a confirmation email is sent to your email on file. This email provides a comprehensive at-a-glance overview of everything you need to know to successfully prepare for your upcoming training. This includes:

    • Class dates, times, and delivery methods confirmed.
    • Pre-Class preparations
    • Course materials needed
    • Exam information
    • All cancellation policies

    If you did not receive this email, please check your SPAM filters first. If you still didn’t receive it, then email and we will resend it.

  • Review Cancellation Policies

    To ensure you protect your investment, we recommend you pay close attention to all the applicable cancellation policies for BICSI Courses. Review the Course Cancellation Policy here.
  • Purchase the Required Manual

    All students must purchase the Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM), 8th Edition, print or electronic, prior to attending class. If you have not already purchased it, click here to purchase today.
  • Apply to Take the Exam

    Because hands-on exams are proctored on the last day of class, we encourage you to complete your exam application here at least two weeks before arriving for your class. This will ensure that we can prepare the necessary testing materials for you to complete your testing.

I’m happy to find out about what I’ve been doing wrong. Completing cabling installations correctly would make life much better for everyone I work with, consumers, fellow technicians and others. It’s refreshing when a fellow tech can walk in at your place of work and immediately make sense of what you do without much struggle. Our TE350 instructor is quite knowledgeable and involves us in the class. Plus the students get to talk to him about their experiences during breaks and ask him questions.”

– Isaac Oyolo, Lead Technician
U.S. Embassy in Nairobi
Gigiri, Nairobi

"I’ve been in the telecom industry for almost 15 years, and I feel like I’ve been doing it all wrong. TE350 has opened my mind to a whole other level of cabling installation. TE350 is a great class to get updated on all kinds of structured cabling systems. Sometimes you just don’t have time to do your own research."

– Jeremy Garrett
Lead Data Tech, CCI of Arkansas
North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

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