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The BICSI Learning Academy was developed to increase access to BICSI training so that information and communications technology (ICT) courses are available and convenient to everyone. The Academy offers globally recognized training for voice, data, and video distribution design and installation, as well as project management, including introductory, intermediate and advanced-level instruction. All training is provided by BICSI Training Delivery Specialists or BICSI-Certified Trainers. 


The BICSI Learning Academy offers a complete learning experience, providing you with constant support throughout your career path. Our goal is to walk with you every step of the way, from helping you decide what courses are best for you to recommending continuing education down the road.



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    Installer 1

    The Installer 1 Program provides entry-level installers with the background knowledge and skills needed to function safely and effectively on the job and in accordance with industry requirements, recommendations, and best practices.

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    Installer 2, Copper

    The Installer 2, Copper Program provides an overview of transmission principles related to the installation, termination, and testing of copper cable, along with industry best practices. Those who hold this credential have shown that they can effectively perform all installation tasks, specific to copper. 
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    Installer 2, Optical Fiber

    The Installer 2, Optical Fiber Program teaches best practices for installing, terminating, splicing, and testing optical fiber cabling. Those who hold this credential have shown that they can effectively perform all installation tasks, specific to optical fiber. 
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    The Technician Program prepares individuals to make a smooth transition from being an individual contributing team member to leading a crew in a supervisor capacity. The program focuses on cable termination, splicing, testing and troubleshooting, as well as covering topics such as bonding and grounding (earthing), firestopping practices, and project management.



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    Data Center Design

    BICSI is the leading authority on data center design programs, designed to educate ICT professionals in proper methods of designing the world's largest and fastest data centers. Data centers have become more complex to design and bring online due to the demand for greater capacity, increased efficiency and higher levels of utilization. 
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    Telecommunications Project Management

    Focused on telecommunications, the BICSI project management program provides standards and best practices to improve every project. This program serves as a career path for anyone seeking an advanced understanding of ICT project management.

    Project managers, project coordinators, lead technicians, project team leaders and individuals seeking a profession in this rapidly growing field are encouraged to earn the RTPM credential.
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    Outside Plant Design

    Many organizations require the BICSI OSP credential for design and installation personnel on outside plant projects.  

    The OSP credential will show your clients and employers that you are uniquely qualified and know the correct methods and approach to plan, develop, manage and supervise outside plant projects safely and effectively–which puts you and your company ahead of the competition.
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    Registered Communications Distribution Design

    Critical to building infrastructure development, this BICSI flagship program involves design and implementation of telecommunications distribution systems.

    Those who achieve the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the creation, planning, integration, execution and/or detailed-oriented project management of telecommunications and data communications technology.



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