Get Involved with BICSI Standards


Standards development activities are performed within subcommittees of the Standards Program and meet when discussion or work warrants. When active, subcommittees meet in person twice a year, in conjunction with BICSI conferences. Additional meetings are held through web conferencing as needed throughout the year.

Why Join?

Joining the Standards Program connects you to a stream of communication related to your subcommittees of interest.  Registration is free and all that is asked is your meaningful participation as time allows. 

Not an Expert?

The program recognizes that not everyone feels like an expert. Content creation is only one aspect within standards development. Within the standards process, content needs to be reviewed for clarity and technical accuracy. This is where real-life experience helps to refine content as it is being developed. 

Within subcommittees, opportunity exists to network and learn from peers in the industry, both on existing solutions and emerging technology.


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