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Transforming the Path for BICSI Credentials and Certifications

Credentialing transformations provide a career path and make ICT professionals stronger.

As the field of credentialing and the information and communications technology (ICT) industry continue to evolve, so do BICSI credentials and certifications. BICSI values career growth and is dedicated to providing career paths for individuals in the global ICT community.

As a long-standing credential holder or someone just getting started, you are on a lifelong ICT career and credentialing journey.

With changing demographics, there are varying educational and experiential backgrounds of individuals now entering the ICT profession. A commitment to providing a career path through credentialing and continuing education is critical to our profession. The BICSI Board of Directors agrees that BICSI must provide a standard for growth in the ICT profession.

BICSI credentialing and certifications are evolving and we would like to share those changes with you. We want to ensure you that BICSI follows established credentialing best practices and standards in our development and modernization processes. With this, we want to make certain that BICSI provides an accessible, relevant and meaningful credentialing career path for the ICT profession.

New enhancements to examination eligibility will open doors and align stepping-stones for credential holders, providing a BICSI ICT career path. Eligibility updates include holding other BICSI credentials and can incorporate training and education qualifications.

New Exam Eligibility Requirements
Please see the relevant BICSI Certification Handbook for full details.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at credentialing@bicsi.org or 800.242.7405 (USA and Canada toll-free) or +1 813.979.1991.


Ronda Thomas, CAE, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Certified Credentialing Specialist
Vice President, Credentialing
RCSC Staff Liaison 

Updated Career Path

ICT Design Certifications

Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®)

The most prestigious and globally-recognized credential in the ICT community, RCDDs have the ability to design, integrate and implement ICT and related infrastructure components.

Registered Telecommunications Project ManagerTM  (RTPMTM )

Highly valued credential for project managers specializing in ICT infrastructure project management. No general project management program can compete with the value offered through this state-of-the-art specialized certification.

Outside Plant (OSP) Designer®

BICSI's OSP certification is the leading aerial and direct burial plant designation, unparalleled in the ICT industry. 

CredentialNew Eligibility RequirementsFormer Eligibility Requirements



RCDD Certification Handbook 

Increase pathways to sit for the exam from TWO to THREE options.

1. Two years' design experience AND hold a current BICSI RTPM, DCDC™, OSP or TECH™


2. Two years' design experience AND two years of ICT education


3. Five years' ICT experience

1. Two years' design experience AND three years' ICT equivalents (education, license, credentials) 


2. Five years'ICT design experience




RTPM Certification Handbook

Increase pathways to sit for the exam from ONE to FOUR options.

1. One year of ICT project management experience AND hold a current BICSI RCDD, DCDC, OSP, INSTC ®, INSTF® or TECH


2. Two years' experience in ICT project management


3. Three years' experience in the ICT industry with one year in managing or supervising ICT projects


4. Hold a project management certification or a degree in project/construction management AND 1 year of ICT experience

1. Two years' experience in project management



OSP Certification Handbook

Increase pathways to sit for the exam from TWO to THREE options.

1. Hold a current RCDD


2. Two years' experience in OSP design/installation AND 32 hours of documented OSP design/installation education


3. Two years' experience in OSP design/installation AND hold a current TECH, DCDC or RTPM

1. Hold a current RCDD 


2. Two years' experience in OSP design/installation AND 32 hours of documented OSP education

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