Have You Heard the Great News?

We are pleased to announce that BICSI has been recognized by the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) as an AVIXA Renewal Unit (RU) Provider. The following BICSI courses now qualify as approved continuing education options for Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) holders and the specialized designations CTS®-D (Design) and CTS®-I (Installation).  


How Does this Benefit AVIXA Members?

After completing any of these RU-approved courses, send an email to ind-approvedcourses@bicsi.org to request a certificate.  Upload your certificate to your online transcript by logging into the AVIXA training catalog at login.avixa.org and select the CTS Transcript tab.  






Course Title




DD101: Foundations of Telecommunications Distribution Design141414
DD102: Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems373737
DC101: Introduction to Data Center Design141414
DC102: Applied Data Center Design and Best Practices333333
PM102: Applied Telecommunications Project Management353535
OSP101: Introduction to Outside Plant Design666
OSP102: Applied Outside Plant Design353535
BG101: Foundations of Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding666
BG102: Best Practices for Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding212121
IN101: BICSI Installer 1 Training353535
IN225: BICSI Installer 2, Copper Training353535
IN250: BICSI Installer 2, Optical Fiber Training353535
TE350: BICSI Technician Training353535