Data Center Design Consultant™ (DCDC®) Certification


BICSI DCDC Certification Information

BICSI is the leading authority on data center design programs, designed to educate ICT professionals in proper methods of designing the world's largest and fastest data centers. Data centers have become more complex to design and bring online due to the demand for greater capacity, increased efficiency and higher levels of utilization.

As a data center consultant, you are required to understand the integration of the documentation, plans, specifications, construction and ongoing operational management activities of a data center facility while meeting applicable codes, standards and industry best practices.  This includes addressing the requirements of the sponsor, architects, engineers, contractors, stakeholders, service providers and others involved.


DCDC Credentialing Process

  • Exam Eligibility

    • Hold a current Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®) certification.


    • Have two (2) years of verifiable full-time equivalent work experience in data center design, construction and/or operations and hold a current BICSI Technician®, Registered Telecommunications Project Manager™ (RTPM™), or Outside Plant™ (OSP™) certification. In place of holding a certification, a degree in architecture, engineering or construction management is also acceptable. 


    • Three (3) years of verifiable full-time equivalent work experience in data center design, construction and/or operations within the past seven (7) years.
  • Exam Blueprint

  • Suggested Study

    No two candidates come to the exam with the same knowledge base, as ICT experience and educational backgrounds vary; therefore, it is not possible to train for or teach to the exam in its entirety. The best way to prepare is to review and study each functional area of the exam content outline for the DCDC Exam, as well as the suggested materials below:

    • 125-plus hours of study from the above reference materials
    DC101: Introduction to Data Center Design (BICSI CONNECT online course)
    DC102: Applied Data Center Design and Best Practices
    DCDC Online Test Preparation Course (BICSI CONNECT online course)
    Essentials of Data Center Projects, 1st edition Specialty Manual
    ANSI/BICSI 002-2019, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices Standard
  • Exam Specifics

    Number of Questions ...................................100
    Allotted Examination Time ...........................Two hours 

    The exam contains enhanced items which include multiple choice questions with two correct answers, drag and drop and hot spot identification. 
  • Application Process

    The following items must be completed and submitted to BICSI on your BICSI online profile.

    • A fully completed and descriptive work history including contact information.
    • Current resumé. Last ten years of work history must be included.
    • If applicable, a certified or original copy of degrees, diplomas and/or certifications.

    Education, credentials and your ICT work experience will be verified. Based on the verification process of your DCDC design experience, BICSI reserves the right to require additional submittal as proof of experience.  Failure to provide these additional requirements will result in rejection of the application.

    Application Processing
    BICSI processes applications in the order they are received. A nonrefundable application fee must accompany 
    your application. 

    Please allow 30 days for approval.

  • What Credential Holders are Saying About their DCDC Credential

    "I've been designing and installing cable systems in data center environments for 12 years. Earning the BICSI Data Center Design Consultant credential helped me understand the mechanical and electrical system requirements. The course instructor and materials helped me understand each component of these systems and how they function in the data center."

    - Doug Terry, RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, NTS, TPMA, Premiere Communications & Consulting, Inc., USA


BICSI DCDC Certification Handbook

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Exam Application Fee

$510 - BICSI Member
$725 - Nonmember

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