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All NEW DCDC applicants will be assessed on the new DCDC-003 exam. 

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Data Center Design Consultant™ (DCDC™)

BICSI is the leading authority on data center design programs, designed to educate ICT professionals in proper methods of designing the world's largest and fastest data centers. Data centers have become more complex to design and bring online due to the demand for greater capacity, increased efficiency and higher levels of utilization. As a data center designer, you are required to understand:

  • Mechanical, electrical and telecommunications systems
  • Reliability needs
  • Security needs
  • Building requirements

DCDC Credentialing Process

  • What are the changes to the DCDC Credentialing Program?

    As part of the Credentialing 2020 Board Strategic Plan initiative, the Registrations and Credentials Supervision Committee (RCSC) updated the DCDC credential with expansion and modifications of topical task areas as well as to the eligibility and recertification requirements of the DCDC credential.  This work aligns the Job Task Analysis (JTA) to the work of the DCDC. While design is still a central part of the DCDC description, it was found that DCDC’s are being utilized within all facets of data centers, including strategic planning, operations,  management, and evaluation.

    The RCSC, the volunteer leaders who manage BICSI’s credentials, were in Tampa with a select globally dynamic group of subject matter experts (SME) that conducted a JTA credentialing best practice activity on the DCDC Credential. The team was facilitated by third party experts in testing and certification. The participants identified new and expanded areas of import, such as operational and security assessments that are increasingly being requested.

    This very important credentialing industry best practice yields value to the certification and to the individuals who earn them. Performing these studies on our credentialing programs ensures that BICSI stays at the forefront of the industry and that our members, credential holders and other ICT professionals remain relevant and at the top of their respective fields.

    These DCDC Credentialing program updates comparison may be viewed here:





    • Data Center Design Consultant ™ (DCDC™)


      Exam: DCDC-002

      Application deadline July 31, 2019

      Eligibility Requirements:

    • Minimum of two years of approved and verifiable experience in the field of data center design and/or construction within the last six years.


    Exam Reference Publication:

    • ANSI/BICSI 002-2014, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices

    Recertification Requirements:

    • 3-year recertification period
    • Earn 24 qualifying CECs or Re-examination test




    • Data Center Design Consultant ™ (DCDC™)

    Exam: DCDC-003

    Application available: August 1, 2019

    Eligibility Requirements:

    Data center design consultant related work experience may include but is not limited to the performance of the data center design, construction and/or operations as defined above.


    Option 1:

    Hold a current RCDD certification.


    Option 2:

    Two (2) years of verifiable full-time equivalent work experience in data center design, construction and/or operations and hold a current BICSI Technician, RTPM, or OSP certification OR hold a degree in architecture, engineering or construction management.


    Option 3:

    Three (3) years of verifiable full-time equivalent work experience in data center design, construction and/or operations within the last 7 years.


    Exam Reference Publication:

    • ANSI/BICSI 002-2019, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices
    • EDCP

      Recertification Requirements:

    • 3-year recertification period
    • Earn 36 qualifying CECs or Re-examination test

      NOTE: Per the Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Program handbook.


      Definitions of Data Center Design experience:

    • Site surveys
    • User needs analysis
    • Development of design plans for data center systems and integration
    • Management of stakeholder requirements
    • Work drawings
    • Specifications
    • RFP creation
    • Project coordination with P.E.’s, Architects, etc.

      Data Center Construction may include:

    • Installation
    • Testing
    • Project site supervision
    • Quality assurance
    • Systems implementation and commissioning

      Data Center Operations may include:

    • Data center facilities management
    • Operational support and maintenance



  • Why

    Why Get Certified?

    • Recognized by the ICT Community and Employers
    • Provides a Unique Skillset to an ICT Designer
    • Uses the Latest Technologies, Methods and Best Practices
    • Critical in Modern High Bandwidth Applications
    • Engineered by Data Center Experts
    • Recognized Globally
    • Built with Your Career in Mind
    • Meets the Highest Standards
  • Decide

    Prerequisite Requirements

    To be eligible to take the DCDC exam, you must first have:

    A minimum of two years of approved and verifiable experience in the field of data center design and/or construction. Experience must be within the last six years.

  • Prepare

    Exam Preparation 

    The exam is designed to test your knowledge of the following materials:

    ANSI/BICSI 002-2014, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices

    Study Materials:

    • DCDC Duty/Task Statement
    • DCDC Content Outline/Blueprint and Job Task Analysis


    Suggested Study:

  • Apply

    Application Process

    The following items must be completed and submitted to BICSI World Headquarters:

    • A fully completed and descriptive DCDC Exam Application (PDF).
    • Three letters of reference. Letters should be on company letterhead, dated, including a contact name, telephone number and email address. The letters should be from the following:
    • One personal reference. (Letterhead not required.)
    • One from your current employer stating your level of participation in data center design or construction projects you are working on and the length of time that you have been actively employed to work on data center projects.
    • One from a client or customer for whom you have recently completed data center design or construction work. The letter should be referencing your work within a data center project.

    The letters MUST include the following information:

    • Explanation of your data center design or construction qualifications by providing specific details of the work performed.
    • A summary of the scope of the project, the project’s location and how you were involved in the project.
    • Date of the job from beginning to end and the level of the client’s satisfaction.
    • Generic details such as, “he did good work for us” or “he helped us with the design” will NOT be accepted by BICSI.

    Exam Application Fee (Exam Application Fee includes processing of exam application and first exam attempt)

    NOTE: If you are self-employed or a principal of your company, you must provide an additional letter from a client for whom you have performed data center design or construction.

    Design includes development of design plans for data center systems and integration. This includes site surveys, user needs analysis, work print creation, project specifications, RFP creation and pre-project coordination with PEs, architects, AHJs, etc.

    Construction includes installation, testing, project/site supervision, project QA, data center facilities management and operational support, etc.

    All references will be verified. Letters that are not specific or cannot be verified as stated will result in rejection of the application. Based on the verification process of your data center design or construction experience, BICSI reserves the right to require additional submittals as proof of experience. Failure to provide these additional references will result in rejection of the application.

  • Test

    BICSI partners with Pearson VUE to deliver the DCDC exam in a computer-based testing format.

    Pearson VUE will notify you of any changes to test site availability due to bad weather, technical issues or other unscheduled events. Once your application is approved, you will receive a BICSI Exam Authorization Letter by email confirming your approval. The authorization letter includes your candidate ID, as well as scheduling information. 

    We encourage you to schedule your exam appointment date as soon as you are approved. Scheduling early increases the chance you will receive your preferred testing date, time and location. 

    When scheduling an appointment, have the following information available:

    1. Your name exactly as it appears on your valid, unexpired government-issued ID
    2. Your candidate ID number
    3. The name of your exam sponsor (BICSI)
    4. The exam for which you are approved
    5. Your preferred appointment date, time and location


    To schedule online, visit pearsonvue.com/bicsi and click on “create an account” or “sign in,” if you already have a Pearson VUE account.

    You can also schedule on the phone. To do so, call 888.602.6941. International phone numbers may vary. Please refer to the Pearson VUE website for alternate numbers, if needed.

    Retest Information

    During any exam eligibility period (one year from the date of application approval), there is a 30-day waiting period between each unsuccessful exam attempt. After a third unsuccessful attempt, a 90-day waiting period will begin. You may be allotted additional attempts after the 90-day waiting period if your exam eligibility period is still valid. Each exam retest requires the appropriate exam retest fee. If you do not pass the exam within your exam eligibility period, you can reapply for the exam by submitting a new application. 


  • Recertify

    DCDC Credential Registration Period

    Your DCDC credential is valid for three complete calendar years, with an expiration date of December 31. Your credential will be valid for the remainder of that calendar year in which you first passed the exam plus an additional three years, regardless of the month in which you passed the exam. For example, if you earned your DCDC certification on September 20, 2017, your credential expiration date would be December 31, 2020.


    1. Log onto BICSI Profile OR

    2. Submit Recertification Form (PDF)

    Recertification Requirements

    Recertification is an important part of any respected credentialing program and it is required to maintain a certification after passing the exam. Recertification helps to ensure the validity and credibility of the DCDC credential. BICSI views learning as a life-long endeavor and places an emphasis upon continuing education as part of maintaining your DCDC status.

    It is the DCDC credential holder’s responsibility to ensure that all requirements and conditions for recertification are satisfied and submitted to BICSI prior the credential period ending. BICSI issues recertification reminders as a courtesy, but it is the credential holder who is ultimately responsible for keeping track and documenting
    continuing education credits (CECs) and any other requirements of the recertification process.

    Within each three-year designation period, beginning when the exam is passed, all DCDCs must obtain a minimum of 24 approved CECs to recertify. If you do not recertify by your designation period end date, you may no longer use your DCDC credential or represent yourself as certified.

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“I’ve been designing and installing cable systems in data center environments for 12 years. Earning the BICSI Data Center Design Consultant credential helped me understand the mechanical and electrical system requirements. The course instructor and materials helped me understand each component of these systems and how they function in the data center.”

– Doug Terry, RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, NTS, TPMA, Premiere Communications & Consulting, Inc., USA