Telecommunications Project Management Reference Manual (TPMRM), 2nd edition

The new RTPM v2 Exam, launching July 10, 2023, will reference the TPMRM 2nd edition manual. The application deadline for the current RTPM Exam referencing the TPMM 1st edition will be June 30, 2023. Applications submitted after July 1, 2023 will be referencing the TPMRM 2nd edition and tested on the new RTPM v2 Exam.

The last current version of the PM102 Class will close on May 15, 2023. The new version of the PM102 Class will open on July 10, 2023.

NEW! TPMRM 2nd Edition!: A Successful Project in the Making!

BICSI’s new Telecommunications Project Management Reference Manual (TPMRM), 2nd edition, is written by some of the very best telecommunications project managers in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. This new second edition provides the latest concepts, techniques, and other essential information for managing a successful telecommunications project. The TPMRM 2nd edition is a valuable resource for ICT design and installation project management.

Learn the latest on cost management; procurement management; vendor and contractor coordination; commissioning; risk management; safety plan development; sustainable methods; OSP project management methods; construction administration; client needs assessments; and more! Understanding how to successfully manage a project will go a long way towards success.

Table of Contents

The TPMRM, 2nd edition, consists of 5 chapters and 2 appendices, as well as a glossary complete with project management definitions, acronyms, and related industry symbols.

  • Chapter 1: TPM Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2: TPM Design, Installation, and Implementation
  • Chapter 3: Specific Outside Plant TPM Considerations
  • Chapter 4: TPM Documentation 
  • Chapter 5: Risk Management  
  • Appendix A: Codes, Standards, Regulations, and Organizations
  • Appendix B: Legal Considerations

Telecommunications Project Management Manual (TPMM)

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Telecommunications Project Management Manual (TPMM)

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