Essentials of Data Center Projects, 1st Edition

A data center can be described as a room with several servers, but the reality is that a data center is a complex facility, with interdependencies on multiple disciplines, systems, and equipment. As the complexity of a data center continues to increase, so does the project that enables its construction.

Based on years of experience by data center professionals, the Essentials of Data Center Projects (EDCP), 1st edition, contains a holistic view of the overall data center project, from conceptualization to planning, implementation, and project closeout. 

With more than 200 pages of content, the EDCP provides the underlying knowledge necessary for data centers great and small in the following areas:

  • Data Center Concepts
    • Conceptualization of the Traditional Data Center
    • Alternative Data Center Conceptual Design Solutions
  • Project Planning
    • Project Planning
    • Design Planning
    • Operations and Business Continuity Factors
  • Project Implementation
    • Pre-Construction
    • Commissioning
    • Project Implementation, Installation, and Closeout
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Project Documentation

Data Center 2

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Essential Data Center Projects


The EDCP is also available in sets with other data center offerings.  See more here.