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BICSI Committees

Do you have thoughts on the future of the ICT industry and BICSI? Would you like to share your knowledge with others? Are you full of ideas that you believe could help your industry peers excel in their careers? Then make it known!

Volunteering with BICSI is the most effective way to make sure your voice is heard within the organization. You could become part of a committee!

Don't wait any longer to get involved!

BICSI Cares Committee
The BICSI Cares Committee oversees all aspects of BICSI's charitable endeavors within BICSI Cares, Inc. BICSI Cares, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) entity, and all donations are tax deductible.

Education Advancement Committee
The Education Advancement Committee serves as an advisory body for BICSI’s various educational activities by establishing educational policies and recommending course content.

Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee develops and administers the Standards of Conduct and Code of Ethics that enhances the professional value of BICSI members and those holding BICSI credentials.

Exhibitor Liaison Committee
The Exhibitor Liaison Committee serves as a liaison between the BICSI staff and the exhibitor at BICSI conferences. The committee communicates BICSI policy decisions to the exhibitors and makes recommendations on BICSI policy changes to the BICSI conference staff and the Board of Directors with the purpose of enhancing the trade show experience at BICSI conferences for the BICSI membership, as well as the exhibiting companies.

Finance and Audit Committee
This committee has a fixed membership of the Treasurer, President, President-Elect, Secretary, Executive Director and the Chief Financial Officer. Chaired by the Treasurer, the committee shall be responsible for developing appropriate fiscal policies, monitoring financial performance, and approving or recommending budgetary changes.

Global Development Committee
The Global Development Committee upholds BICSI's commitment to its position as a global organization.

Membership Outreach & Development Committee
The Membership Outreach and Development Committee (MOD Committee) oversees all aspects of BICSI's membership outreach and development programs, including communication vehicles, and membership recruitment and retention campaigns as directed by the BICSI Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee
This committee will be responsible for presenting to the Board of Directors a slate of candidates for office each year. This slate will, whenever possible, and at the discretion of the Nominating Committee, be comprised of a minimum of two active, involved, and qualified members of BICSI seeking to serve as an elected member of the Board of Directors.

Program Coordination Committee
The Program Coordination Committee has a fixed membership consisting of Chairs of the following committees: Standards, Technical Information & Methods, Education Advancement and Registrations & Credentialing Supervision. The Program Coordination Committee is responsible for advising and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on BICSI programs affecting the product triangle in Publications (Reference Manuals/Standards), Education, and Credentialing.

Registration & Credentials Supervision Committee
The mission of the Registration and Credentials Supervision Committee is to develop, maintain, and oversee all aspects of BICSI’s professional and occupational registration/certification programs for the purpose of providing industry respected, globally recognized, and broadly accepted products and services that enhance the abilities and stature of our credential holders.

Standards Committee
The Standards Committee participates in the development of telecommunications related standards, as well as notifies BICSI’s membership of changes within applicable standards that may affect them.

Technical Information & Methods Committee
The Technical Information and Methods (TI&M) Committee is responsible for writing and updating the BICSI design and installation technical manuals. In this role, the committee is composed of sitting subject matter expert (SME) members and other non-committee SMEs who assist in writing, performing reviews, making suggestions for applicable revisions and updates, and agree on changes through a consensus-based process. The TI&M Committee continually seeks qualified volunteers to work toward having an exceptional working team of ICT SMEs.



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