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BICSI Technical Information & Methods Committee

NOTE: This Committee is actively searching for volunteer members.

The Technical Information and Methods (TI&M) Committee is responsible for writing and updating the BICSI design and installation technical manuals. In this role, the committee is composed of sitting subject matter expert (SME) members and other non-committee SMEs who assist in writing, performing reviews, making suggestions for applicable revisions and updates, and agree on changes through a consensus-based process. The TI&M Committee continually seeks qualified volunteers to work toward having an exceptional working team of ICT SMEs.

BICSI Committee Volunteer Application

Subcommittees of Interest:
Once you have completed your registration form, you will be contacted via email within 15 business days for next steps in the volunteer registration process.

Committee Members

Michael Collins, RCDD, RTPM

Vice Chair
Robert Hertling, RCDD, OSP

Robert Faber, RCDD

Board Liaison
Chris Scharrer, RCDD, NTS, OSP

Staff Liaison
Clarke Hammersley

Beatriz Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP
Brent Lehmkuhl, RCDD
Brian Boos, RCDD, TECH
Donald Wright, RCDD, TECH
F. Patrick Mahoney, RCDD
George Fewell, RCDD
Gordon Ash, RCDD
James Craig, RCDD, NTS, TECH
John Romanski, RTPM, DCDC, OSP, WD
John Adams, RCDD, OSP
Jonathan Jew
Justin Pine, RCDD
Larry Hamlin, RCDD, OSP
Michael Patterson, RCDD, NTS
Paul Kish
Paulo Marin
Philip Janeway, RCDD
Ray Emplit
Richard Anderson, RCDD
Stephen Banks, RCDD
Terrence Riffle