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Other Specialty Publications

BICSI offers specialty publications for ICT personnel who encounter tasks outside of typical design and installation tasks.

Bonding & grounding 1st


Essentials of Bonding & Grounding, Version 1.0

The Essentials of Bonding and Grounding provides the common foundational knowledge needed for all aspects of bonding the ICT infrastructure, paving the way for designers, technicians and installers to design and implement a successful bonding infrastructure.

ICT DESIGN Considerations


Special ICT Design Considerations

As an ICT designer, you will eventually encounter information and communications technology (ICT) designs that fall outside of the norm. BICSI’s Special ICT Design Considerations, Version 1.0, addresses the special designs that ICT designers are likely to encounter.

ICT Systems Installation Considerations


Special ICT Installation Considerations

BICSI’s Special ICT Installation Considerations compiles information on many of the less common building systems, such as paging, sound masking and fire detection.

ICT terminology handbook v2


ICT Terminology Handbook

The BICSI ICT Terminology Handbook, Version 2.0, is an essential tool for all information and communications technology (ICT) professionals who wish to be on top of current ICT terminology.

Essential Data Center Projects


Essentials of Data Center Projects, 1st Edition

A data center can be described as a room with several servers, but the reality is that a data center is a complex facility, with interdependencies on multiple disciplines, systems, and equipment. As the complexity of a data center continues to increase, so does the project that enables its construction.

General FG


ICT Installation Practices Field Guide, Volume 1 - General Cabling, 1st Edition

This guide focuses on the tasks and procedures for setting up the site and preparing pathways and spaces for the actual cable. Common safety practices, protective equipment and firestopping are also included to keep you, your team and the site safe from harm.



ICT Installation Practices Field Guide, Volume 2 - Copper Cabling, 1st Edition

This guide focuses on just that – balanced twisted-pair and coaxial communication cabling. Throughout its pages you will find everything likely to come up on the job site, from cable classification, cable construction, horizontal and backbone applications, performance specifications, length limitations, termination, troubleshooting, and much more.