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BICSI Standards Program

NOTE: This Committee is actively searching for volunteer members.

The Standards Program participates in the development of telecommunications related standards, as well as notifies BICSI’s membership of changes within applicable standards that may affect them.

BICSI Standards Program Volunteer Application

Workgroups of Interest:
Once you have completed your registration form, you will be contacted via email within 15 business days for next steps in the volunteer registration process.

Disclaimer for Standard Volunteer Application

BICSI Standards and Guidelines are collectively prepared works published by BICSI as a service to the industry. These works are copyrighted in BICSI's name upon balloting and publication as BICSI Standards. Accordingly, BICSI requires that you assign to BICSI copyright of Standards and Guidelines resulting from your participation in the development of BICSI Standards. Your signature below assigns copyright of such documents to BICSI. All rights in any original unmodified drafts remain with the author. Reformatting of published BICSI standards and guidelines, their distribution outside the principal author’s company, and all other reproduction and/or distribution is prohibited without the written consent of BICSI.

Notice: Use of User Information

The BICSI Standards Program reserves the right to compile, save, use, and analyze any and all User data (registration data, use history, etc.). The BICSI Standards Program intends to use such user data for internal purposes only, including, but without limitation for the purposes of responding to User’s requests for information and for contacting the User.

The BICSI Standards Program may also provide User data to regional offices or departments within BICSI, the parent organization of the BICSI Standards Program. The BICSI Standards Program will, to the extent possible, control User information and, except as otherwise set forth herein, not disclose such User information to third parties. However, in the event disclosure of any User information by BICSI Standards is required by law, BICSI Standards may disclose such User information without the consent of User.

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Partial List of Program Members

Denise Pappas

Vice Chair
F. Patrick Mahoney, RCDD

Board Liaison
Mark Reynolds, RCDD

Staff Liaison
Jeff Silveira, CAE, RITP

Anthony Wulk, RCDD, NTS
Barry Shambrook, RCDD
Beatriz Bezos, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP
Brad Murphy, DCDC
Brian Ensign, RCDD, RTPM, NTS, OSP
Brian Flynn, RCDD, RTPM, NTS, OSP
Calvin Roberts, RCDD
Carl Boomgaarden, RCDD, DCDC, NTS
Carol Oliver, RCDD
Charles Wilson, RCDD, NTS, OSP
Christopher Carcanague, RCDD, RTPM, OSP
Clarke Hammersley
Daniel Kodicovic, RCDD
David Wells, RCDD
David Asta, RCDD
David Pomierski, RCDD
David Alkins, RCDD, OSP
David Sanders, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP
David St. George, RCDD
Debra King, RCDD, RTPM, OSP
Dennis Mazaris, RCDD, RTPM
Douglas Stanley, RCDD
Douglas Smith, RCDD
Eric Marshall, RCDD, NTS, Technician
Eric Kehler, RCDD, RTPM, OSP
Frederick Foster, RCDD
Glen Adkins, RCDD
Harold Ostrow
Hiroki Negishi
Howard Weiss, RCDD
J. Layton Wilson, RCDD, RTPM, OSP
James Goddard, RCDD
Jason Hallenbeck, RCDD, DCDC
Jeff Potter
John Wells, RCDD, WD
John Romanski, RTPM, DCDC, ESS, OSP, WD
Jonathan Jew
Joseph Kish, RCDD
Joseph Concepcion, RCDD, OSP
Luis Osuna, RCDD
Mark King, RCDD
Markham Motley
Masood Shariff
Matthew Richter, RCDD, RTPM, OSP
Mel Lesperance, RCDD
Melissa Chambal, RCDD
Michael Patterson, RCDD, NTS
Mike Lewis, RCDD
Patricia Fisher, RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, OSP, WD
Paul Overmyer, RCDD, OSP
Paulo Marin
Peter Olders, RCDD, NTS, OSP, Technician
Philip Isaak, RCDD, DCDC
Philip Janeway, RCDD
Reece Miller, RCDD
Richard King, RCDD, NTS, OSP, WD
Richard Anderson, RCDD
Richard Jones
Rick Murphy
Robert Kelley, RCDD, DCDC, NTS, OSP, WD
Robert Hughes, RITP
Robert Faber, RCDD
Robert Jensen, RCDD
Robert Hertling, RCDD, OSP
Ronald Leger, RCDD, RTPM, OSP
Ronald van Kleunen
Rui Takei, RCDD, DCDC
Sean Fitzgerald, RCDD, NTS, OSP
Stanley Kaufman
Stephen Banks, RCDD
Steve Surfaro
Theron Roe, RCDD
Thomas Turner
Timur Kupa
Todd Frederes
Volkmar Bend, DCDC
Ward Judson
William Mazzetti