Subscription Services

BICSI provides subscriptions, licenses and corporate deployments through its resale partners IHS and TechStreet. Both partners provide an online content management platform which provides you and your organization easy-to-use online access to the latest industry standards. 

Features of online content management include:

  • Subscribe to one, some or all of BICSI’s content. 

  • Incorporate standards from other standards bodies, including TIA, NFPA, ISO/IEC, BSI, CSA and more!

  • Find solutions provided by internet access, corporate network deployment or other means to address security concerns.

  • Pay annually and other corporate payment options.


IHS and TechStreet also have differences, with some of the notable differences summarized below.



  • Content from over 370 different global SDOs
  • Global operations and language support
  • Varying currency options


  • 3, 5 or 9 person licenses can be completed within the regular shopping cart
  • System generated redline versions are available

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