BICSI Standards for Data Center


Activities within this topic include the development and maintenance of standards related to the design, implementation, assessment and operations of data centers. These standards encompass computer rooms, computer centers and web hosting centers and may include additional information and systems applicable to other aspects of data centers, including building, mechanical and electrical infrastructure and other building systems used within the data center environment.

Working Groups Within Data Centers

Data Center Design
Chair: Jonathan Jew, J&M Consulting
Vice Chair: John Kacperski, RCDD, OSP, P2S 

Status: On Hiatus

Data Center Operations
Chair: Phil Isaak, RCDD, DCDC, Isaak Technologies
Vice Chair: Rui Takei, RCDD, DCDC, AT Tokyo

Status: On Hiatus



ANSI/BICSI 002-2024, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices





ANSI/BICSI 009-2024, Data Center Operations and Maintenance Best Practices