BICSI COOL Military Financial Assistance Program

Are you an active-duty or reserve service member preparing to transition to civilian life?

BICSI's ICT Programs help U.S. service members get the credentials they need for high-demand careers. 

BICSI's certifications validate ICT, design, and project management skills acquired in the US military and is recognized by civilian employers worldwide.

With BICSI certifications on your resume, you can translate your military ICT experience to a skillset that employers demand in the public and private sectors. BICSI certifications distinguish job seekers from other candidates and open the doors to more employment opportunities.

Transitioning from the Military to Civilian Employment

It seems hard to believe, but many past and present members of the US military have communicated that civilian employers often don't recognize the experience they acquired in the US military as valid ICT skills. This lack of recognition contributes to both unemployment and underemployment of veterans who have dutifully served their country.

Over the years, BICSI has heard many success stories from veterans who credit the suite of BICSI certifications with helping them to get a job or advance their careers after military service. You, too, can benefit by attaining a BICSI certification today.

US Military Financial Assistance Programs

Four programs provide financial assistance to qualifying active-duty and former US military personnel and their families. Information on these assistance programs can be obtained by clicking the corresponding tabs above.

Watch this short video on Joint Credentialing Opportunities On-Line

  • Navy COOL– provides payment assistance for active-duty Navy personnel
  • Marine Corps COOL - provides payment assistance for active-duty Marine Corps personnel
  • Army Credentialing Assistance Program - provides payment assistance for active-duty Army personnel. You can work on any credential listed in Army COOL, concurrently or sequentially up to your TA/CA fiscal year limit of $4,000. 
  • Air Force COOL - provides payment assistance for active-duty Air Force personnel
  • Coast Guard COOL - provides payment assistance for active-duty Coast Guard personnel

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