Outside Plant Designer (OSP)


BICSI OSP Certification Information

The OSP credential recognizes individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in designing new and integrating existing OSP systems to meet codes, standards, and performance requirements.  Today, many organizations require the BICSI OSP credential on outside plant projects for designers, and on larger projects for project managers and quality inspectors.

The OSP credential will show your clients and employers that you are uniquely qualified and know the correct methods and approach to plan, develop, manage and supervise outside plant projects safely and effectively–which puts you and your company ahead of the competition.

OSP Credentialing Process

  • Exam Eligibility

    Option #1
    Hold a current RCDD credential.

    Option #2
    Two years of verifiable full-time equivalent field experience in OSP design and/or installation AND a minimum of 32 hours of documented continuing education in OSP design and/or installation which may include training provided by BICSI, manufacturer training, college courses, industry training, and/or vendor training.

    Option #3
    Applicants must have 2 years of verifiable full-time equivalent field experience in OSP design and/or installation AND hold a current BICSI Technician certification, DCDC or RTPM.

    Scope of an Outside Plant Designer and/or Installer OSP experience in design and/or installation is hands-on experience or the direct management and/or supervision of the personnel involved in OSP design and/or installation which includes the creation, planning, integration, execution, and/or detail-oriented project management of OSP. OSP Design includes planning, development and documentation of workable and/or buildable OSP cabling systems. OSP Installation includes procurement, deployment
    and verification of an OSP design. Experience in OSP design and/or installation must be performed in the following areas:

    1. Pre-Design Preparation
    2. Perform Site Survey
    3. Select Media, Platform, and Cables
    4. Design Underground Platform and Spaces
    5. Design Buried Platform and Spaces
    6. Design Aerial Platform and Spaces
    7. Prepare Design
    8. Quality Control Process
    9. Professional Responsibilities

  • Exam Blueprint

  • Suggested Study

    Suggested Study
    No two candidates come to the exam with the same knowledge base, as ICT experience and educationalbackgrounds vary; therefore, it is not possible to train for or teach to the exam in its entirety. The best way to prepare is to review and study each functional area of the exam content outline for the OSP Exam, as well as the suggested materials below:

    Suggested Study:

  • Exam Specifics

    Exam Specifics
    Number of Questions ....................100
    Allotted Examination Time............ Two Hours

    The exam consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer and multi-selection multiple choice questions with two correct answers.

  • Application Process

    Application Process
    The following items must be completed and submitted to BICSI on your BICSI online profile:
    • A fully completed online OSP Exam Application
    • Proof of continuing education documentation

    OSP design experience will be verified. Based on the verification process of your OSP design experience, BICSI reserves the right to require additional submittal as proof of experience. Failure to provide these additional requirements will result in rejection of the application.

    Application Processing
    BICSI processes applications in the order they are received. A nonrefundable exam application fee must be paid prior to submitting your application.

    Please allow 30 days for approval.

What Credential Holders are Saying About their OSP Credential

"(The OSP) is the perfect companion to the ISP-heavy RCDD certification, and my position at the time required both inside plant and outside plant design. It has helped me obtain two OSP positions since I obtained the OSP certification.”

– Marty Emrick, RCDD, OSP, OSP Engineer, Black & Veatch, Tampa, Florida

“I knew I wanted further qualifications after gaining the RCDD designation. Achieving the OSP credential has been valuable in many aspects of my career. I’m now recognized as a confident and credible authority in OSP. I’ve enhanced my skill set. And I am continuously developing my professional status in the ICT industry.”

– Lindon Haigh, RCDD, OSP, Senior ICT Manager, Russell-Smith, Hobart, Australia

“Holding the OSP has allowed me to take part in the project management of outside plant construction and optical fiber networks of great importance.”

– Eduardo Belleza Zamora, RCDD, OSP, RTPM, Project Manager, B&Z Telecom, Lima, Peru

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