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BICSI serves thousands of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals around the world.

As a member you will receive unique technology information and networking opportunities unparalleled through other training and education institutions. 

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Individual Membership Information

  • Benefits

    Establish Yourself as a Respected ICT Industry Professional:

    • Experience greater credibility and gain a competitive edge on your peers.
    • Discover new job opportunities on BICSI's website and BICSI Career Center.
    • Use the BICSI member logo on business cards, stationery and promotional material.
    • Learn about the latest advancements, tap into resources and stay current on relevant codes and standards. 

    Take Advantage of Exclusive Networking Opportunities:

    • Volunteer for a position on the BICSI Board of Directors and to serve on various committees.*
    • Meet industry experts and share ideas at local and global conferences and events.
    • Share insight on and help shape future industry publications and standards.

    * Subject to membership type.

    Receive Substantial Discounts on BICSI Products and Services:

    • Select BICSI training courses and technical manuals.
    • Various industry publications, courses, standards and services.
    • FREE electronic copy of BICSI's ICT Terminology Handbook.
    • Conference registrations for BICSI and other industry events worldwide.
    • Access to member-only sections and forums on the BICSI website.
    • FREE subscription to ICT Today.
  • Special Rates

    BICSI offers membership dues at the reduced price for BICSI Installers and Technicians, full-time students, active-duty military personnel and senior individuals. The discount is only applicable for individual BICSI membership. Members who receive this discount retain full membership rights and privileges. To receive the discount, the membership or renewal application must be submitted via mail, fax or email with the additional qualifying materials indicated below. Apply to become a BICSI member today!

    Special Membership rate is available for active-duty military, retired individuals, and BICSI-Certified Installers and Technicians. (Note: Installers and Technicians holding the RCDD credential do not qualify for this level of membership.) Documentation must be provided as follows:

    • Active-duty military personnel: Active Duty Military personnel must submit a copy of their DL or state ID AND a copy of active military orders OR Military Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).
    • Senior individuals: Must be age 62 or older and submit proof of age. Proof of age may be any valid form of ID that indicates name and year born.
    • Student Membership: Full-time students must submit a photocopy of a student ID card and a copy of a current transcript or course schedule. Student memberships shall not count toward the achievement of district or region status and will not have voting rights, but are eligible for membership benefits made available to BICSI members from time to time.
    • Apprentice Membership: BICSI will require proof of attendance at a State Licensed Apprenticeship program for each year of membership from the apprentice. The stated proof will be a letter from the licensed apprenticeship program’s training director and will need to contain certification dates of when the apprentice entered into the program and when they expect to turn out.
  • Dues Pricing

    All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. To determine your membership cost, please locate the country you currently reside in from the listing below. Country will be verified and dues may be amended accordingly. Then, determine the length and type of membership you are selecting.  

    Tier 1
    Individual Membership
    Special Membership
    Student/Apprentice Membership
      1-year: $199
    2-year: $359
    3-year: $514
    1-year: $119 1 year: $25

    Tier 1 Countries: Aruba; Austria; Bahamas; Bahrain; Barbados; Belgium; Bermuda; Brunei Darussalam; Canada; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Guam; Hong Kong; Hungary; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Korea, Republic of; Kuwait; Luxembourg; Macao; Netherlands; Netherlands Antilles; Norway; Oman; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Slovakia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Trinidad and Tobago; United Arab Emirates (UAE); United Kingdom; United States of America; Virgin Islands, U.S.


    Tier 2
    Individual Membership
    Special Membership
    Student/Apprentice Membership
      1-year: $149
    2-year: $264
    3-year: $374
    1-year: $94 1 year: $25

    Tier 2 Countries: Angola; Argentina; Botswana; Brazil; Bulgaria; Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Jordan; Latvia; Malaysia; Maldives; Mexico; Panama; Peru; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia; South Africa; Thailand; Tunisia; Turkey; Uruguay; Venezuela


    Tier 3
    Individual Membership
    Special Membership
    Student/Apprentice Membership
      1-year: $114
    2-year: $194
    3-year: $274
    1-year: $79 1 year: $25

    Tier 3 Countries: Afghanistan; Bolivia; Egypt; El Salvador; Ethiopia; Fiji; Ghana; Guatemala; Honduras; India; Indonesia; Kenya; Nicaragua; Nigeria; Pakistan; Philippines; Sri Lanka; Vietnam

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