BICSI Registrations and Credentials Supervision Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Registrations and Credentials Supervision Committee (RCSC) is to advance and foster BICSI’s professional and occupational registrations and certifications programs for the purpose of providing industry respected, globally recognized, and broadly accepted credentials that enhance the abilities and stature of BICSI’s credentials programs.

  • Maintain and keep credentials applicable to current industry needs through the performance of regular exam life cycle activities (i.e., JTA, Scheme Alignment, Item Writing, Scrub, Standard Setting).
  • Evaluate industry and market trends for the potential recommendation of new credentials or scope change of credentials.

  • Support BICSI staff in the outreach and promotion of BICSI credentials programs.

The RCSC is responsible for supporting the creation, maintenance, and confidentiality of BICSI's certification and registration programs including providing recommendations to the Program Coordination Committee, (PCC) for the naming and abbreviations, and the appropriate RCSC Workgroup for applications requirements, prerequisites, exam database development, exam design, exam performance and valid passing score, recertification requirements, appeals and exam challenges associated with BICSI's certification and registration programs. Workgroups of the RCSC (i.e., RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, OPS, I&T) consist of FME participations focused on specific credentials program projects (i.e., JTA, Scheme, Standard Setting, Item Writing, and Scrub).


Committee Members


Heather Callaway, RCDD

Vice Chair

Mungree Singh, RCDD



Board Liaison

Peter Charland, RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, ESS, NTS, WD

Staff Liaison

Ronda V. Thomas, CAE, ICE-CCP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Certified Credentialing Specialist

RCDD Workgroup Voting Members

Chair - Michael Bonaccorsi, RCDD
Vice Chair - Jodie Goodbrake, RCDD
Secretary - Richard Abeyta, RCDD, TECH

RTPM Workgroup Voting Members

Chair - Adam Haskin, RCDD
Vice Chair Michael Collins, RCDD, RTPM
Secretary - Marc Cloutier, RCDD, RTPM

OSP Workgroup Voting Members

Chair - Terry Teschner, RCDD, OSP, WD
Vice Chair - David Alkins, RCDD, OSP
Secretary - Vacant

I & T Workgroup Voting Members

Chair - Brian Posivak, INSTC, INSTF, TECH
Vice Chair - Doug Sherwood, TECH
Secretary - Vacant

Data Center Workgroup Voting Members

Chair - Rui Takei, RCDD, DCDC
Vice Chair - Larry Gillen, RCDD, DCDC, OSP, ESS
Secretary - Jeffrey Staloch – RCDD, DCDC, TECH

Voting Members

Richard Abeyta, RCDD, TECH 
David Alkins, RCDD, OSP
Michael Bonaccorsi, RCDD
Marc Cloutier, RCDD, RTPM
Michael Collins, RCDD, RTPM
Larry Gillen, RCDD, DCDC, OSP, ESS
Jodie Goodbrake, RCDD
Adam Haskin, RCDD
Brian Posivak, INSTC, INSTF, TECH 
Doug Sherwood, TECH
Jeffrey Staloch, RCDD, DCDC, TECH
Rui Takei, RCDD, DCDC
Terry Teschner, RCDD, OSP, WD

How Can I Join the RCSC?

RCSC is looking for volunteers to join the committee.  

Download the PDF's below to learn more about serving as a volunteer:

We look forward to hearing from you and truly value your time!

Ronda V. Thomas, CAE, ICE-CCP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP | Certified Credentialing Specialist, Staff Liaison
Tel: +1 813.979.1991

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BICSI Committee Volunteer Application

Once you have completed your registration form you will be contacted via email within 15 business days as to the next steps in regards to your volunteer registration.

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