Professional Development Committee

NOTE: This Committee is actively searching for volunteer members.

The Mission of the PDC is to: grow membership and increase member satisfaction through retention and acquisition; Increase member awareness of existing BICSI programs and services; provide strategic direction on new professional development and education programs.

Workgroups under the PDC

  • Future Education Needs and Trends (FENT) Workgroup
  • Presentation Selection Workgroup
  • Mentoring Workgroup
  • Emerging Professionals & Students
  • Women in BICSI Workgroup
  • Cabling Skills Challenge Workgroup

Presentation Selection Workgroup
The Presentation Selection Working Group (PSWG) is responsible for developing a slate of presentations and alternates for the upcoming conferences.  In order to effectively select the best and most meaningful presentations for the membership the PSWG members must use surveys, direct input from members, and direct industry knowledge.

Mentorship Workgroup
The Mentorship Workgroup has been created to connect advanced information and communications technology (ICT) career members with emerging professionals, contributing to the long-term success of the ICT industry.

Women in BICSI
Are you interested in networking and mentoring opportunities in the ICT industry?  Would you enjoy meeting fellow women industry leaders?  Does the idea of strengthening your involvement in the ICT industry with your peers appeal to you? 

Emerging Professionals and Students
•  Engage and develop current and future ICT professionals
   and leaders.
•  Bring youth into the BICSI community through outreach programs tailored to their specific interests and needs.
•  Create a foundation and pool of potential future leaders for BICSI by increasing the active membership of emerging ICT
    professionals and keeping them engaged in the association.
•  Enhance the visibility of the installer and technician community within BICSI.
•  Promote the value of the BICSI Installer and Technician credentials within the industry.
•  Provide an environment to promote installer and technician professional development opportunities.


BICSI Committee Volunteer Application

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Once you have completed your registration form, you will be contacted via email within 15 business days regarding the next steps.

Committee Members

Alvin Gilmore, RTPM, TECH

Board Liaison
Luke Clawson, RCDD, GROL, MBA

Staff Liaison
Feleasah Rogers


Pam Poe, RCDD (Secretary)
Andrew Cioffi, RCDD
Chris Harrell, (EPS WG Chair)
Christy Miller, RCDD, DCDC, RTPM, CT (FENT WG Chair)
Chuck Wilson, RCDD, NTS, OSP
Daniel Morris, RCDD
David Levine, RCDD
Jason Osteen, TECH
John Johnson, Jr., RCDD, OSP
Kevin Hamlin, RCDD
Larry Hamlin, RCDD, OSP
Mark Reynolds, RCDD
Matt Odell, RCDD
Matthew Peterworth, RCDD
Michele Neifing, RCDD (WIB WG Chair)
Philip D. Klingensmith, RCDD, RTPM, OSP, TECH
Robert M. Gross, RCDD, OSP
Robert Y. Faber, Jr., RCDD, NTS
Scott W. Smith, RCDD, TECH, CT (CSC WG Chair)
Steven Ornat, RCDD
Trevor Kleinert, RCDD, DCDC, TECH, NTS, CT
David Landphair, RCDD (Presentation Selection WG Chair)

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