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BICSI Installer 1® (INST1®)






About the BICSI Installer 1 (INST1) Certification

Your company and employees are more marketable with the skills learned through the BICSI Cabling Installation Program.

BICSI Installer 1 (INST1) candidates are tested on their ability to understand and apply a comprehensive collection of installation-specific information.

After achieving your Installer 1 designation, you will demonstrate your ability to:

  • Successfully terminate various types of copper connectors.
  • Properly explain the importance of safety and professionalism toward optimal job performance.
  • Discuss pathways, spaces, bonding and grounding and firestopping.
  • Make decisions based on applicable codes, standards and best practices.
  • Choose the correct tool or methodology for specific tasks.


What Credential Holders are Saying About their Installation Credential

“I thought I knew a lot going into the BICSI Installer 1 class, but after completing the course, I could see a real difference in my skillset, such as how to properly perform terminations and how to follow industry standards. My employer noticed too!”

– James R. Bowles, INST1, INSTC, INSTF, TECH, Information Systems Specialist 2
State of West Virginia Office of Technology
Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Installer 1 Credentialing Process

  • Why

    Why Get Certified?

    • Recognized by the ICT Community and Employers
    • Provides a Unique Skillset to an ICT Installer and Technician
    • Uses the Latest Technologies, Methods and Best Practices
    • Critical in Modern High Bandwidth Applications
    • Engineered by Installation Experts
    • Recognized Globally
    • Built with Your Career in Mind
    • Meets the Highest Standards
  • Decide

    Experience and Knowledge Requirements

    There is no prior ICT industry installation experience requirement for individuals
    preparing to sit for the Installer 1 exam.

    Participants sitting for the Installer 1 exam must be able to distinguish between different colors, possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks, stand for extended periods of time, climb ladders, and lift and carry items weighing up to 50lbs.
  • Prepare

    It is strongly recommended that examinees:

  • Apply

    Examination Application Process

    A completed online exam application and a non-refundable application fee must be received by BICSI’s Credentialing Department for review and processing no later than 10 business days prior to the exam date.

    Click here to login and apply.

    View the Information Handbook here.

    The final exam application and fee deadline is five business days prior to the exam date. Exam applications will not be processed after the deadline.

    After the exam application is approved, it is valid for one year.

  • Test


    The Installer 1 exam is currently based on the content covered in IN101: Installer 1 Training Course, as well as ITSIMM and is a two-part exam—hands-on and written.

    To become a BICSI Installer 1, you must successfully pass both parts.

    You must successfully pass the hands-on exam to be authorized for the written exam portion.  You will be provided a voucher and instructions for scheduling the written exam at a Pearson VUE testing center of your choosing after you successfully pass the hands-on exam.

    Note: The exam application fee includes your first exam attempt.

    Hands-On Examination

    The hands-on performance exam consists of completing six tasks to industry standards, within a 20-minute per-task time limit.

    If you fail to successfully complete one of the hands-on exam tasks, you will be given the opportunity to retest on that task on the same day at no additional cost. If you fail the same task twice or fail a total of two hands-on tasks, the hands-on examination will need to be retaken at another date.

    Written Examination

    The exam is two hours in length and consists of 75 questions drawn from BICSI ITSIMM. The format of the exam is closed-book and multiple choice, with questions based on both knowledge and application. 

  • After Passing The Exam

    Suggested Program Advancement

    The Installer 1 certificate is not renewable. It is recommended that you further your career by advancing to the Installer 2, Copper and/or Installer 2, Optical Fiber credential(s) (experience required) during the time you are a BICSI Installer 1. 

  • Get Started!

    Check out this step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply online for a BICSI Credentialing Exam. 


    You can also download and review our How to Apply for an Exam student guide, then log into your Credential Dashboard to get started.

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BICSI Installer 1 Certification Handbook

Download today and learn everything you need to know about the INST1 Credential.