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BICSI credentials are globally recognized as the premier standard of professional ICT industry-related certifications.

Our programs are developed using globally diverse subject matter experts with a forward-thinking mindset, engaging in real-life case studies and practical applications.

Certification Value

  • Value to You

    • Enhances your reputation, because you are meeting knowledge and skills requirements for your position
    • Shows you embrace life-long learning and continuing education
    • Designates mastery of the ICT cabling infrastructure knowledge
    • Conveys confidence because you have achieved a globally-recognized certification
  • Value to the Employer

    • You have demonstrated that you possess widely accepted standard of knowledge and skills
    • Shows that you are highly valued and skilled to your potential customers and employers
    • Professional development and certification improve employee retention rates
    • Boosts improved productivity and risk reduction for your employers
    • Enhances your reputation as a skilled and valuable ICT professional
  • How to Apply for a BICSI Credentialing Exam

    Check out this step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply online for a BICSI Credentialing Exam. 




ICT Design Certifications

Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®)

The most prestigious and globally-recognized credential in the ICT community, RCDDs have the ability to design, integrate and implement ICT and related infrastructure components.

Registered Telecommunications Project Manager® (RTPM®)

Highly valued credential for project managers specializing in ICT infrastructure project management. No general project management program can compete with the value offered through this state-of-the-art specialized certification.

Data Center Design Consultant® (DCDC®)

The main authority on data center design for the ICT industry, a BICSI DCDC credential holder demonstrates an unparalleled skillset and ability to design today's data centers according to industry best practices, codes and standards.  

Outside Plant (OSP) Designer®

BICSI's OSP certification is the leading aerial and direct burial plant designation, unparalleled in the ICT industry. 






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