BICSI Standards for Outside Plant (OSP) Design Subcommittee


This area covers all aspects of the cabling and pathways used within ICT and telecommunications OSP. Current focus is on the methods and practices used within aerial, direct-buried and underground pathways as related to the construction and installation of OSP cabling and infrastructure.

OSP Construction and Installation Subcommittee
Chair: Bob Hertling, Parsons
Vice Chair: John Romanski
Status: Active


G1-17-cover-webBICSI G1, ICT Outside Plant Construction and Installation: General Practices


BICSI G2.1-22 100x129BICSI G2.1-22, ICT Outside Plant Construction and Installation: Pole Setting, Anchoring, and Guying

g2-22cover 100x129BICSI G2.2-22, ICT Outside Plant Construction and Installation: Aerial Cable Installation


g4-23cover 100x129BICSI G4-23, ICT Outside Plant Construction and Installation: Direct Buried Facilities





Current Activity

  • D051: New standard for general aerial pathways
  • D055: New standard for general underground pathways
  • D056: New standard: Practices for HASB (High Air Speed Blowing)
  • D057: New standard: Practices for installing cabling within OSP ducts and conduits
  • D058: New standard: Practices for conduit and duct installation

Notice of Continuous Revision

BICSI G1 has been placed under continuous revision. Suggestions for revisions may be sent to so they may be included as new business at the next meeting of the OSP Construction and Installation Subcommittee.