This area covers all aspects of the cabling and pathways used within ICT and telecommunications OSP. Current focus is on the methods and practices used within aerial, direct-buried and underground pathways as related to the construction and installation of OSP cabling and infrastructure.

OSP Construction and Installation Subcommittee
Chair: Bob Hertling, Parsons
Vice Chair: John Romanski
Status: Active


G1-17-cover-webBICSI G1, ICT Outside Plant Construction and Installation: General Practices



G2-22CoverBICSI G2.2-22, ICT Outside Plant Construction and Installation: Aerial Cable Installation



Current Activity

  • D051: New standard for general aerial pathways
  • D054: New standard for direct-buried pathways
  • D055: New standard for general underground pathways
  • D056: New standard: Practices for HASB (High Air Speed Blowing)
  • D057: New standard: Practices for installing cabling within OSP ducts and conduits
  • D058: New standard: Practices for conduit and duct installation

Notice of Continuous Revision

BICSI G1 has been placed under continuous revision. Suggestions for revisions may be sent to standards@bicsi.org so they may be included as new business at the next meeting of the OSP Construction and Installation Subcommittee.