ANSI/BICSI 004 Standards for Healthcare

ANSI/BICSI 004-2018, Information Communication Technology Systems Design and Implementation Best Practices for Healthcare Institutions and Facilities



While smart hospitals, the fusion intelligent building, IoT, and big data are still few and far between, today’s health care facility is increasingly digitized, from health records, diagnostic and monitoring equipment, environmental controls far beyond the thermostat – even the routing office visit may be a remote interaction spanning thousands of miles.

While the mission within health care remains the same, about the only constant in today’s systems is the pace of technological advancement. As more systems connect to the network, ICT infrastructure is required to meet both today’s needs and those of tomorrow with minimal to no effect on the overall health care mission

To address this need, ANSI/BICSI 004-2018 has been revised and expanded for:

  • Communication, ICT and wireless infrastructure
  • Architectural aspects of health care facilities, including telemedicine and communication suites
  • Emergency medical services radio, sound and acoustical systems, sound masking, and digital signage and wayfinding
  • Network design and security
  • Other facets of smaller systems and spaces

And as healthcare has grown as a global concern, BICSI 004 was revised with the same global focus, incorporating technological standards and known operational differences where applicable, allowing for use in any locale.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Scope

3. Required Standards and Documents

4. Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Units of Measurement

5. Regulatory Bodies and Regulations

6. Communications Infrastructure

7. General Design Considerations

8. Healthcare Systems

9. Other Information Communication Technology Systems

10. Integration of Systems

Appendix A  Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) (Informative)

Appendix B  Network Security (Informative)

Appendix C  Network Design Principles (Informative)

Appendix D  Related Documents (Informative)


004 2018

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