ANSI/BICSI 007 Standards for Intelligent Buildings

ANSI/BICSI 007-2020, Information Communication Technology Design and Implementation Practices for Intelligent Buildings and Premises



Connecting today to the digital world of tomorrow.

ANSI/BICSI 007-2020 serves as the seminal standard for the design and implementation of ICT infrastructure necessary for all network enabled building systems, from traditional, smart, IoT, emerging and everything in between.
Within this 50 page expansion, requirements, recommendations and guidance has been expanded to cover additional systems and the latest methods and trends within building design, providing for flexibility and longevity in designs, even for those system and cabling concepts which have not yet made it to market. And as these systems become commonplace, information on reliability, network design and security, and cloud support was also added.
In addition to infrastructure, material for common building systems and powering methods (e.g., PoE) was also reviewed and expanded, with the following systems  being covered in greater detail:

  • Building automation systems (BAS)
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Energy management systems (EMS)
  • Low voltage / PoE Lighting
  • Electronic security systems (ESS)
    • Video surveillance
    • Access control
    • Intrusion detection
    • Class N fire alarm
  • Intercom, paging and mass notification
  • Sound masking
  • Digital signage and wayfinding
  • Asset management (RFID)
  • Vertical transportation (e.g., elevators)



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