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BICSI RTPM Certification Information

The new RTPM v2 Exam, launching July 10, 2023, will reference the TPMRM 2nd edition manual. The application deadline for the current RTPM Exam referencing the TPMM 1st edition will be June 30, 2023. Applications submitted after July 1, 2023 will be referencing the TPMRM 2nd edition and tested on the new RTPM v2 Exam.

The last current version of the PM102 Class will close on May 15, 2023. The new version of the PM102 Class will open on July 10, 2023.

Focused on telecommunications, the BICSI project management program provides standards and best practices to improve every project. This program serves as a career path for anyone seeking an advanced understanding of ICT project management.

Project Management Includes:

  • Gathering specific project information for the project initiation
  • Creation of the project budget
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders
  • Orchestrating the proposal
  • Identifying project deliverables
  • Managing budget and deliverables
  • Creating and managing launch and deadline dates
  • Effectively communicating between all stakeholders
  • Closing of the project

RTPM Credentialing Process

  • Exam Eligibility

    Exam Eligibility Requirements

    Applicants must meet specific educational and/or work experience criteria at the time they submit their application in order to be eligible to take the RTPM exam. The requirements are outlined below.

    Applicants must qualify for one of the following options:

    Option #1 One year of Project Management Experience in ICT* AND hold one of the following current BICSI credentials (RCDD, DCDC, OSP, INSTC, INSTF, TECH).

    Option #2 Two years of Project Management Experience in ICT.*

    Option #3 Three years of ICT industry experience** including one year of managing or supervising ICT projects.*

    Option #4 Hold a current Project Management certification or a degree*** in Project or Construction Management AND one year of ICT industry experience.**

    *Project Management Experience in ICT includes the following project phases:

    (1) Project Initiation

     a. Obtain and review specific project information

    b. Create initial project budget estimation

    c. Develop project proposal

    d. Create and assemble project deliverables

    (2) Project Execution

    a. Perform project administrative activities

    b. Manage project implementation

    c. Communicate project status to stakeholders (Communication Plan)

    (3) Project Closure

    a. Conduct project closure

    **ICT industry experience includes design or installation of technology pathways, spaces, and infrastructure, consisting of cabling and wireless systems, that support data transfer and data signaling between, and the interconnection of, communication, data processing, data display, or information gathering devices of various systems. These systems can include audio-visual, telecommunications, safety and security, computer networking, and building automation.

    ***The degree must be from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States or foreign equivalent. 

  • Exam Blueprint

  • Suggested Study

    No two candidates come to the exam with the same knowledge base, as ICT experience and educational backgrounds vary; therefore, it is not possible to train for or teach to the exam in its entirety. The best way to prepare is to review and study each functional area of the exam content outline for the RTPM Exam, as well as the suggested materials below:

    Suggested Study:

    Telecommunications Project Management Manual (TPMM), 1st edition

    • 125+ hours of independent study

    PM101, PM102 and PM103 courses

    The PM102 is NOT a test preparation course. It is recommended to enhance your knowledge of telecommunications project management. You may find additional reference materials available for purchase on BICSI’s website at

  • Exam Specifics

    Number of Questions ........................................... 100

    Allotted Examination Time .......................Two Hours

  • Application Process

    Application Process

    The following items must be completed and submitted to BICSI on your BICSI online profile:

    • A fully completed online RTPM Exam Application.

    • Current resumé.

    • If applicable, a copy of degrees, diplomas, and/or certifications.

    Application Processing

    BICSI processes applications in the order they are received. A nonrefundable application fee be must paid when submitting your application.

    Please allow 30 days for approval.

What Credential Holders are Saying About their RTPM Credential

Eric Helsel_300x300

Eric Helsel, RCDD, RTPM, OSP, Consultant, Convergent Technology Partners, Flint, Michigan, USA

“I have found that career 'doors' requiring a [project management] certification previously closed are being opened as PMOs see the value in the RTPM, with the added benefit of ICT knowledge that other credentials don’t bring to the table.”

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BICSI RTPM Certification Handbook

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$725 - Nonmember

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