Registered Telecommunications Project Management Updated Program FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)



    a. Why did BICSI publish the Telecommunications Project Management Reference Manual (TPMRM) 2nd edition?

    • BICSI performs a periodic Job Task Analysis (JTA) for all its credentialing programs to ensure that the program reflects current competencies of the credential holder. Once completed, this information, in combination with market and industry trends, technological innovation, and other industry changes, is used to update BICSI's Standards and Technical Manuals.

    b. The manual went on sale Tuesday, 17 January 2023.

    • The TPMRM 2nd edition is currently available. Purchase using the following link: Click here.

    c. What is the cost of the new TPMRM Manual? Did the price change?

    • The price did not change. Print and download combo: $255 (member); $305 (non-member)
    • Print or Digital: $215 (member); $260 (non-member)

    d. What changed in the manual?

    • There were many updates and additions to the manual. Some of the more significant changes include the addition of sustainability elements; project plan development; updated project drawings, forms, and documents; and telecommunications project team organization, among others.

    e. I recently purchased the TPMM 1st edition. Can I return it and upgrade to the new TPMRM 2nd edition?

    • Every 3-5 years, BICSI releases a new edition of a BICSI Standard or Technical Manual, reflecting changes in the ICT profession. As part of these releases, BICSI provides a 60-day window for customers to upgrade to the newly released edition of the standard or manual. More specifically, customers who purchased the manual 30 days prior to the release date and/or 30 days after can upgrade to the new edition at no additional cost to customers beyond shipping and applicable taxes. Customers who purchased the previous edition within 31-120 days prior to the publication of the new manual are eligible for a 25 percent off discount on the newer version. A paid invoice must be found in the customer profile within the 60-day window of the manual’s release date. Interested customers can contact the Customer Care team via email at or phone at +1 813.979.1991 or 800.242.7405.
      Note: International customers will still be responsible for local duties and taxes upon delivery of the new manual. The previous editions purchased do not need to be returned.

    f. Are discounts available for the TPMRM 2nd edition?

    • BICSI Members receive a discount on the TPMRM 2nd edition when purchasing from BICSI. The TPMRM 2nd edition, like other BICSI publications, may be included within limited-time promotional discounts related to events, education, and other occurrences.

    g. Will you be releasing any telecommunications project management standards in the program?

    • As of this writing, the BICSI Standards Program has not received any proposals specific to telecommunications project management.
    a. Will there be a new exam?
    • Yes, it will be released 10 July 2023.
    b. Will there be any new training available? If so, when?
    • Yes. The schedule of upcoming classes is available through the following link: Click here.
    a. Is there/will there be a new course available? If so, when?
    • Yes, the schedule of upcoming classes is available through the following link: Click here.
    b. Does this mean the Project Management course I took earlier this year was outdated?
    • The current program is still relevant for today's telecommunications project manager. BICSI provides valuable information through ongoing CEC study opportunities to learn the skills of today and the future best telecommunications project managers. There is no reason to wait until the new program comes out.
    c. The course is currently five days. Will this change for the new program?
    • The length of the course is still five days.
    d. Will the new course be online or instructor-led?
    • The PM102 course is instructor-led, either in-person or by virtual classroom training (VCT). There are also two updated self-paced courses available through BICSI CONNECT.
      Link for PM101:
      Click here.
      Link for PM103:
      Click here.
    • The PM102 course has been updated to reflect the most recently performed JTA as well as industry trends. The course content is generated using material from the TPMRM, 2nd Edition, which is the required publication for this course. Some of the modules included in the course are: Project Management Framework, Risk Management, Project Initiation, Cost Management, Work Breakdown Structure, Project Scheduling, Change Control Process, and Project Closure.
    e. Is the exam fee included in the course?
    • The exam fee is not included in the course.
    f. Will you come to my organization to teach the PM102 course, and what dates are available?
    • On-site training is available. Please contact Nelson Colon at for more information.