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ANSI/BICSI 001-2017, Information and Communication Technology Systems Design and Implementation Best Practices for Educational Institutions and Facilities

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Education facilities often require a more diverse approach to designing and implementing ICT systems than that of a typical commercial building.

Today’s educational facilities are rarely one building. That means not only does the ICT infrastructure need to meet the varying demands of a specific building, but multiple buildings must all be integrated into one cohesive design. And in today’s environment of providing multifunctional spaces within one building, it is common to find a combination of commercial, industrial, data center, health care and entertainment environments within just a few buildings.

Educational facilities benefit from an ICT infrastructure design that is planned to support facility and technological growth. This standard incorporates ICT infrastructure design in the building development process by contributing to architectural considerations and providing information that cuts across multidisciplinary design efforts.

ANSI/BICSI 001-2017 is written for today’s educational spaces, where network connectivity is now a must have, like electricity and water. In addition to providing guidance in the selection and implementation of the ICT infrastructure, more information has been added to address commonly encountered technologies and applications found within the classroom, the building and the campus on which it resides.

ANSI/BICSI 001-2017 is a complete revision of the previously published standard, including revision of title.   


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