BICSI and Public Policy


Recent legislation reform is being considered in various states and has alerted professional associations and organizations including BICSI to significant risks to their activities. A number of these bills relate to federal legislative actions and regulatory policies that affect low-voltage installers and designers in the information and communications technology (ICT) profession. In addition, other bills have included provisions that would bar many professionals holding certifications from private organizations such as BICSI from using the titles “certified” or “registered”; or create evidentiary presumptions and barriers to state professional licensure laws recognizing or requiring certifications from private organizations; and/or establish governmental certification programs that would supplant private certification programs, in some circumstances.

In response to these proposed legislations, BICSI is currently working on a number of initiatives.  For example, BICSI is a member of the Professional Certification Coalition whose objective is to address efforts to enact state legislation that would undermine the activities or recognition of certifications developed or offered by non-governmental (NGO), private certification organizations. Also, BICSI is a part of a group of like-minded organizations whose focus is to identify and monitor legislation activities that are in opposition of low-voltage ICT professionals with the goal of formulating advocacy strategies in response.

We encourage BICSI members to contact their State legislators as needed to make your voice heard on legislation that affects you.  We are committed to keeping you informed on public policy issues affecting the ICT profession.  As such, check back here from time to time for new information.

Recent Public Policy Initiatives


BICSI has responded to Maryland House Bill 1127 with amended support of a bill currently in front of the legislature.  If you or your company may be impacted by this proposed legislation, please contact your respective state legislators to voice your concerns. 

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BICSI has responded to S.B. 1142 in support of recommendations by the PCC.

Click here to review current Senate Bill

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Click here to read the response from the PCC.  


BICSI has responded to H.B. 2477 in support of recommendations by the PCC.

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Click here to read the response from the PCC.  

Click here to watch BICSI's presentation on Public Policy in a Changing World - How will it impact the ICT Professional?

Presented at the 2020 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition in Tampa, FL.

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