BICSI Technical Manuals 

BICSI produces technical manuals based on industry regulations, codes, standards and best practices that form the foundation of knowledge required for the professional credentials and certifications offered by BICSI.

Manuals currently offered include:

Technical Information & Methods (TI&M) Subcommittee

Manuals are maintained by the BICSI Technical Information & Methods (TI&M) Subcommittee. Manuals are revised every 3 to 5 years, allowing time for emerging trends and technologies codified in standards to stabilize.


Chair: Bob Hertling, Parsons

Vice Chair: Phil Janeway, RackBunker

Secretary: John Romanski, PCS Fiber


Interested in contributing?

The TI&M Subcommittee utilizes their sitting members and a list of other volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs) to review and update content within BICSI’s manuals. As manual development is periodic, the TI&M Subcommittee can activate these volunteer SMEs, who then commence manual revisions in a short period of time.