ANSI/BICSI 002 - The Standard for Data Center Design

ANSI/BICSI 002-2024, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices

Last updated 6 May 2024:

Updates to the DCDC® certification exam are underway and will be based on ANSI/BICSI 002-2024 and the EDCP, 2nd edition. Note: BICSI is not accepting DCDC exam applications based on these materials at this time. Refer to the DCDC Credential page for further information.


On the Edge, in the Cloud, on this world or the next, ANSI/BICSI 002-2024 Does Them All

ANSI/BICSI 002-2024 is regarded as the standard for data center design regardless of location or application in the world. Covering all major systems and disciplines found within a data center, this standard not only lists what a data center requires, but also provides ample recommendations on the best methods of implementing a design to fulfill your needs.

The 2024 version was reviewed by industry professionals from all major disciplines and verified that the breadth of content is applicable to traditional, hyperscale, and edge concepts including modular, containerized, enclosure-based solutions. In addition to expanding specific edge content, the concepts of immersion (liquid cooling) are expanded and join previously included material on how to support such systems.


As the foundation standard for data center design, BICSI 002 features 17 chapters and 12 appendices, spread over 575 pages, covering the following and more:

  • Design methodology
    • Facilities, cabling, network, services and applications
    • Data center service outsourcing
    • Colocation planning
  • Site selection and space planning
    • Edge, modular and "container" data centers
    • Site services and hazards /li>
    • Traditional and open concepts
  • Building structural and architectural requirements
  • Electrical systems
    • Utility to ITE power systems
    • Standby and backup power systems
    • DC power
  • Mechanical systems
    • Heat rejection and cooling systems
    • Ventilation and air flow management
    • Immersion (liquid cooling)
  • Security and fire
    • Architectural, electronic and operational security
    • Fire safety for chimneys and aisle enclosures
  • Facility and building systems
    • DCIM
    • IP-enabled and intelligent systems
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
    • Cabling media and connectivity
    • Hot and cold aisles
    • Cabinet airflow and cabling capacity
  • Network infrastructure
  • Data center commissioning & maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Multi-site data center architecture

BICSI 002 serves as reference material for the DCDCTM credential. Learn more about the DCDC here.


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