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Black and Veatch Telecommunications
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U.S. South-Central Region: AR, CO, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, NM, OK, TN, TX

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A Message from U.S. South-Central Region Director Jeffrey Beavers, RCDD, OSP

June 11, 2015

A Message from Your Region Director


I trust this finds you well.

I want to remind you of the remaining Region Meetings scheduled for 2015:

  • July 23: Crown Plaza Hotel, in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • August 7: Courtyard by Marriott Austin Downtown, in Austin, Texas
  • November 6: Embassy Suites St. Louis/St. Charles, in Saint Charles, Missouri

There are also several Breakfast Clubs scheduled for later this month.

In Denver, Colorado on May 20, we had a combined BICSI U.S. South-Central and Western Region Meeting. Thank you to all the BICSI members, sponsors and guests who attended. I learned a lot, professionally and personally. Among the questions I always ask is: “How did you find out about this meeting?”

It is less surprising to hear that attendees, even BICSI members and credential holders, didn’t learn of an event from BICSI events webpage, this region newsletter or other tools BICSI uses to reach you. Some reported of only learning of this event days before, from “word on the street,” for example.

Promoting an event is increasingly challenging. In addition to the BICSI website, BICSI newsletters, email notifications, etc., some of the more popular social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are among the tools BICSI uses to deliver a message to you. But these are just a handful of the hundreds of social media and networking sites. I don’t know how many there are, but a Google search revealed such titles as “A definitive list of over 400 social media and social networking sites” and “How Many People Use 800+ of the Top Social Networks.”

Overwhelmed with Information
The competition for our time and attention is increasing, daily. Take CATV for example, even the average consumer who (only) consistently watches 17 channels of the 189 available, can still be distracted by the content from the remaining 172 channels.

Regarding apps in general, the number of apps available is unknown, but the estimates are staggering—in the millions! According to this article, Android users were able to choose between 1.5 million Apps; while the Apple Store remained the second-largest App store with 1.4 million available Apps.

Still, another article stated that there may be more than 1.2 billion (Billion, with a B!) Apps in the Apple Store, but most people only use the Apps they’ve already downloaded. The article continued to say that a staggering 65.5% of U.S. smartphone users fail to download any new Apps each month; with the possible problem of it being “hard for people to find new Apps.”

Like a BICSI event, it doesn’t matter how good the topics or presenters are if people don’t know about it.

Please put these region meeting dates on your calendars and tell your colleagues, fellow BICSI members, credential holders, guests and emerging professionals about them. Keep a look out for announcements/updates to the proposed dates. I hope to see you there.

I appreciate your time. Thank you for enduring this newsletter.

Be safe; someone is counting on you.

Proudly serving you as the BICSI U.S. South-Central Region Director,
Jeff Beavers, RCDD, OSP