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Powering Solutions for Passive Optical LANs

As passive optical LAN (POL) solutions gain traction across a wide range of market verticals, there have been great advancements in both local and remote powering options. In this course, Kevin Fellhoelter, EE, (President Solara Technical, an APOLAN member company) will provide a vendor-neutral viewpoint of the different powering solutions for POLs. He will discuss recent powering innovations, best practices for both local and remote powering options, the most efficient power distribution methods, and design criteria for creating an ideal network infrastructure.

Note: This is a recording of a webinar originally given on January 8, 2019.

About the Presenter

Kevin Fellhoelter, PE (Electrical)

President Solara Technical, an APOLAN member company

Kevin Fellhoelter is a registered PE (Electrical) in the state of Texas. He holds an MS (EE) specializing in power electronics from Duke University and an MS (Engineering Management) from Southern Methodist University (SMU). He has spent his entire career since 1986 in the field of power electronics and power system design. After working in military power electronics at Texas Instruments, he joined AT&T Bell Labs in 1990 in the power division located in Dallas. After a few years of power supply design work, he became the first field application engineer supporting what became Lucent Technologies Power Systems group and eventually rose to become the global manager of the FAE Group. He started Solara, and APOLAN member company, in 2001 and has created a specialized company that engineers and furnishes dc power solutions for many different applications.


The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN)is a non-profit organization, driving both education and adoption for passive optical local area networks (POL). Alan Bertsch, Qypsys President and APOLAN Chairman, has said: “Our members include the most innovative movers and shakers in the industry, bringing a breadth of expertise, insight and vision that is a testament to our mission to educate and drive awareness of the superiority of POL.”

Why you should attend?

Gain insight into how to design an efficient and effective passive optical LAN.

Technical Requirements

  • This course has an audio component; please make sure you have speakers/headphones available.
  • All BICSI CONNECT courses require an internet-capable device and Internet connection.
  • Java software; Windows 7 or higher; Mac OSx 10.6+; Android 4.1 or later; Apple 10S 6.x, 7.x, IE 10 or later; Firefox 21 or later; Chrome 29 or later; Safari 5.1.8 or later; sound card with speakers/headphones for audio (audio not available for all courses); pop-up blockers disabled.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for ICT professionals who design and install telecommunications systems as well as anyone interested in learning more passive optical LANs.

What will I learn?

In this course, you will gain insight into:

  • Recent powering innovations
  • Best practices for both local and remote powering options
  • Efficient power distribution methods
  • Design criteria for an ideal network

How long is this course?

One-hour self-paced course with 90 days from the date of purchase to complete.

Can I earn credit?

Earn 1 Continuing Education Credit (CEC) upon successfully completing this program

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