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Information and communications technology (ICT) industry professionals pursuing excellence within the industry should consider becoming a BICSI RCDD®.

Those awarded with the RCDD designation have demonstrated their knowledge in the design, implementation and integration of information technology systems and related infrastructure.

BICSI telecommunications distribution design courses serve as a career path for those seeking advanced knowledge in this area. Several design courses are recommended for candidates preparing to take the RCDD examination.

The RCDD status conveys instant advantages over the competition:

  • A professional designation of excellence
  • A highly regarded status recognized and mandated by many private and state organizations
  • A noted mark of design knowledge valued internationally
  • An indication of experience and knowledge known throughout the ICT industry

Why is an RCDD critical in the building design process? Click here to find out.

Did you know that the RCDD is a Department of Defense requirement?
Page 4 of the Department of Defense UFC lists the RCDD as a requirement for all telecom design projects. View the UFC here.

Requirements and Qualifications

To sit for the RCDD credential, you must have at least one of the following:

  • Five years ICT design experience
  • Two years verifiable ICT design experience and three years additional ICT equivalents chosen from combinations of experience, approved education and approved ICT license/certification

Design includes the development of design plans for ICT integration. This includes site surveys, user needs analysis, work print creation, project specifications, RFP creation and pre-project coordination with PEs, architects, AHJs, etc.

Design does NOT include installation, testing, project/site supervision, project QA, ICT sales or sales support, teaching of ICT subject matter, etc. Although these items are important to the success of a project, they do not qualify under the definition of design.

The RCDD exam, a comprehensive application- and knowledge-based exam, is based on content found in the 12th edition of BICSI's Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM).

The RCDD credential is valid for three years. Within each three-year period, all RCDDs must obtain a minimum of 45 BICSI continuing education credit (CEC) hours. As part of this 45-hour requirement, attendance in at least one BICSI conference during the three-year period is mandatory. The RCDD registration must be renewed every three years. Click here for additional renewal information. 

Examination Information


The 12th edition Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) will be used for courses taken before June 30, 2014; new exam applicants can choose to test from TDMM 12th or 13th edition through June 30, 2014. For any courses starting on or after July 1, 2014, or exam applications received after this date, the 13th edition TDMM will be used. The first exam based on the 13th Edition will take place in July 2014.          

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email confirming your approval. Notification includes the required candidate ID Number and scheduling information. You will need to schedule your exam at You will have up to one year to pass the examination after your application has been approved.

The RCDD examination is based on the Telecommunication Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM), 12th edition.

The examination is administered in a computer-based testing (CBT) format at Pearson VUE Authorized Training Centers worldwide. Locations of testing centers can be found at

Format: 3 hours, 120 questions, closed-book, multiple choice (knowledge- and application-based questions)
Application Fee: Members—$245; Nonmembers—$370
Exam Fee: Members—$150; Nonmembers—$275
Exam Retake Fee (if applicable): Members—$150; Nonmembers—$275

Click here for additional exam information and an application for the RCDD exam based on the TDMM.

Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) Retired

Interested in being actively involved with BICSI? To obtain the RCDD Retired status click here.