Information and communications technology (ICT) is global. So is BICSI. Serving ICT professionals in nearly 100 countries, BICSI strives to bring the industry together to work toward advancing information technology systems. We greatly value the exchange of ideas and information across generations, countries and cultures and are committed to nurturing unique, relevant, dynamic and sustainable professional communities around the world. 

In 1998, BICSI established its first international districts, which are formed when a designated area reaches 100 members. Australia, Brazil, Europe, Mexico and India achieved district status that year. Additional districts then followed: the Caribbean (1999); Japan (2000); Andean and Middle East (2001); and Central America, Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong (2002). When Europe’s membership surpassed 500 in 1999, it became the first BICSI Region outside of North America, followed by Brazil in 2000. In 2001, Australia/New Zealand became the South Pacific Region.