How to Join the BICSI Ethics Committee

Membership Responsibilities

Members participate in the EC charter, regularly attend meetings and contribute to the growth and success of the committee. Members will also participate in the investigation of ethic complaints.

  1. Be a BICSI member, in good standing, for a period of no less than three (3) years and hold a BICSI credential.

  2. Committee members must agree to a two-year minimum commitment. Conference expenses will be the applicant’s responsibility either personally or with the support of their employer.

  3. Committee members are required to attend a minimum of one conference meeting each year. The Winter Conference is the permanent meeting location for the Ethics Committee. Other conference committee meetings are scheduled as activity dictates.

  4. Committee members may miss no more than two (2) consecutive conference meetings.

  5. Committee members should expect to perform committee work on personal time as required.

  6. Committee members are expected to attend several (6 to 10) telephone conference calls per year (5 to 10 hrs. per year).

  7. Members of the committee cannot be active members of BICSI’s BOD.
  8. Pass a criminal background investigation.

  9. Non-voting, restricted members are appointed by the Committee Chair based on committee needs.

  10. Committee members serve at the discretion of the Ethics Committee Chair.

  11. The Ethics Committee may not have more than 25 percent of its maximum 16 voting members come from any other single BICSI committee.

To join, a BICSI member must:

  • Submit a personal commitment letter, resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and summary of industry knowledge (e.g., bulleted list of experience such as RCDD, Installer, Technician, Expert Witness, Electrical Engineer, IT Engineer).

  • Submit a letter written on company letterhead, signed by the applicant’s manager(s) acknowledging the company/corporate commitment to support the applicant for a minimum period of two years. In lieu of a company letter, a personal letter of responsibility will be accepted. This letter must acknowledge that their employee is signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and cannot disclose EC discussion to the employer.

  • Be interviewed and approved by the Ethics Committee Chair.

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Committee Diversity

  • The Ethics Committee seeks a diverse group of people, not only interested in serving on the committee, but members who represent a diverse geographic, global, ethnic, and gender ratio that could be compared with a similar makeup of the general membership of BICSI. The committee continually strives to achieve this balance."
  • The current BICSI volunteer program allows BICSI members to express their desire to join a committee. The Ethics Committee reviews and acknowledges each member who submits the volunteer submission indicating appreciation for their interest in participating on the committee.
  • Ethics committee meetings are open to BICSI members for open session activity. Historically, open session lasts for a very few minutes (based on meeting agenda). Closed session discussions are not open due to confidentiality requirements.





Committee Members


Vice Chair
George Fewell, RCDD

Recording Secretary
Randi Soskil, RCDD

Board Liaison
Fernando Neto, RCDD

Ex-Officio Member
George F. A. Parnell, General Counsel

Staff Liaison
Bernie Currie, PHR, SHRM-CP

Dennis Mazaris, RCDD, RTPM
General Hopper, RCDD
Howard Weiss, RCDD
Kent Gibson, RCDD
Larry Hamlin, RCDD, OSP
Makiko Matsushita
Michael Cleveland, RCDD, OSP, NTS
Patrick Messinger, RCDD, TECH
Ryan Sennett, RCDD
Tony Whaley, RCDD, DCDC, ESS, NTS, WD
Trevor Kleinert RCDD,NTS,DCDC,TECH,


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