Critical to building infrastructure development, this BICSI flagship program involves design and implementation of telecommunications distribution systems.

Being recognized as a BICSI RCDD® has many advantages, including:

  • A positive impact on your professional image 
  • Ability to target and win projects requiring certification, including DOD and some government contracts.
  • Recognition by the ICT community as subject matter expert.
  • New job and promotion opportunities
  • Higher salary possibilities
  • An expanded ICT career field


The RCDD shows the industry that I am capable and helps me stand out.”

Dawrine Torres, RCDD Sales Manager of Comm/Data at Graybar













    Determine your eligibility and find more information to decide if the RCDD v14 | v15 is right for you.

    Eligibility Requirements for both RCDDv14 exam and RCDDv15 Exam

    Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility options in order to apply for the RCDD v14 | v15 certification exam.

    Option 1: Two years of verifiable full-time work experience in ICT design AND a current BICSI certification as BICSI TECH, RTPM®, DCDC® or OSP.

    Option 2: Two years of verifiable full-time equivalent work experience in ICT design AND completion of two years of higher education course work in ICT. Two years of higher education course work in ICT may include:

    • STEM or trade school
    • Two-year degree
    • ICT and industry-related programs, apprenticeships or certifications
    • Military training equivalent Evidence of completion of higher education course work includes:
      • Certificates
      • Diplomas
      • Registrar’s documentation
      • Other bona fide documents

    Option 3: Five years of verifiable ICT experience. Find definitions and examples of ICT Experience, ICT Design related work experience and ICT Degree or course work in the RCDD Credential Handbook (page 8).


    Exam application fee: 
        $510 - BICSI Member
        $725 - Nonmember
    *Includes first exam attempt through Pearson Vue.

    Become a BICSI Member now and save on your exam application fees.

    Military Financial Assistance


    Follow BICSI's certification handbook v14 | v15 and exam blueprint v14 | v15 to navigate your knowledge needs.


    BICSI’s flagship manual, the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) is the reference publication for the RCDD® exam and a globally recognized resource for universal best practices.

    Study plans will vary based on experience and each unique individual’s knowledge base. Start by reviewing each functional area of the exam content outline for the RCDD exam to determine study needs, as well as the suggested materials below:

    MID-CAREER (Two to five years of experience)

    • 150+ TDMM study hours


    ADVANCED CAREER (Five plus years of experience)

    • 125+ TDMM study hours


    The exam is 100 questions with 2.5 hours allotted examination time. The exam contains 100 scored items which include multiple choice, multiple response and enhanced matching item types.  


    The RCDD certification can be just as valuable to your employer as to any individual. Share employer information with your team.


    Get started and apply today!

    The following items must be completed and submitted to BICSI on your BICSI Credential Holder dashboard.

    • A fully completed online RCDD Exam Application.
    • Current resumé.
    • If applicable, a copy of degrees, diplomas and/or certifications.

    ICT experience will be verified. Based on the verification process of your experience, BICSI reserves the right to require additional submittal as proof of experience. Failure to provide these additional requirements will result in rejection of the application.

    Application Processing: BICSI processes applications in the order they are received. A nonrefundable application fee must be paid prior to submitting your application. Please allow 30 days for approval.

    Log into your BICSI Credential Dashboard to get started & apply today! 

    Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to apply.

    • RCDD, Version 14
      Applications close on 30 June 2024
    • RCDD, Version 15
      Applications close on 1 July 2024

    Equip your team by investing in the RCDD. Learn why and how to jump-start RCDD certification for your team here.

Version 14
Applications close on
30 June 2024

RCDD Handbook v14 cover thumbnail image

Download today and learn everything you need to know about the RCDD Credential (Version 14).

Version 15
Application available on
1 July 2024

Download today and learn everything you need to know about the RCDD Credential (Version 15).

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