BICSI Certification Programs

BICSI credentials are globally recognized as the premier standard of professional ICT industry-related certifications.

Our programs are developed using globally diverse subject matter experts with a forward-thinking mindset, engaging in real-life case studies and practical applications.

There are multiple career paths individuals can explore with BICSI, including those in the graphic below. Click on the certification names in the menu to learn more about each specific certification.

Updated Career Path


BICSI Credentials: As Seen on CareerOneStop

CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and is a relevant resource for exploring careers, locating training and conducting job searches. Visit their website to see which BICSI credentials have been rated as in-demand certifications for job corps training programs and military occupational specialties.   


Certification Value

  • Value to You

    • Enhances your reputation, because you are meeting knowledge and skills requirements for your position
    • Shows you embrace life-long learning and continuing education
    • Designates mastery of the ICT cabling infrastructure knowledge
    • Conveys confidence because you have achieved a globally-recognized certification
  • Value to the Employer

    • You have demonstrated that you possess widely accepted standard of knowledge and skills
    • Shows that you are highly valued and skilled to your potential customers and employers
    • Professional development and certification improve employee retention rates
    • Boosts improved productivity and risk reduction for your employers
    • Enhances your reputation as a skilled and valuable ICT professional
  • How to Apply for a BICSI Credentialing Exam

    Check out this step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply online for a BICSI Credentialing Exam. 




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ICT Design Certifications

Registered Communications Distribution Designer® (RCDD®)

The most prestigious and globally-recognized credential in the ICT community, RCDDs have the ability to design, integrate and implement ICT and related infrastructure components.

Data Center Design Consultant® (DCDC®)

The main authority on data center design for the ICT industry, a BICSI DCDC credential holder demonstrates an unparalleled skillset and ability to design today's data centers according to industry best practices, codes and standards.  

Registered Telecommunications Project Manager® (RTPM®)

Highly valued credential for project managers specializing in ICT infrastructure project management. No general project management program can compete with the value offered through this state-of-the-art specialized certification.

Outside Plant (OSP) Designer®

BICSI's OSP certification is the leading aerial and direct burial plant designation, unparalleled in the ICT industry.