What is ICT?

ICT stands for the Information and Communications Technology industry. Simply stated, ICT is the integration of technologies necessary to communicate and interact in a digital world.

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Having a job in ICT means designing and installing cabling infrastructure to allow devices to communicate and work. This includes jobs in healthcare, transportation, construction, data centers, and so much more.

The field of ICT is vast and there are many possibilities for a career path in ICT. This includes the potential to work with high-profile clients like with NASA, Apple, Tesla, or Google. You could begin by doing hands-on work as a cabling installer or technician, go into ICT project management, or focus on designing the infrastructure that integrates the technologies.  

Here are just a few of the titles that you could have in ICT:

Explore ICT Job Statistics

Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of the roles within ICT are growing faster than average, and there are thousands of projected job openings.


Preparing for Your Career in ICT


IN250_smallTo start a career in the ICT field and improve your chances of getting on the right track, consider some of the following ideas for how to get started:

  • Get Certified
    Consider applying for the BICSI ICT Installer 1 certificate, perfect for individuals with little or no cabling experience who are ready to start pursuing a career in ICT.
  • Attend a BICSI Conference

    A BICSI Conference is a great one-stop resource for all things ICT. Explore a high-tech Exhibit Hall, sit in on technical sessions about the latest technologies, and network with attendees to make lasting connections.

  • Join the BICSI Emerging Professionals and Students Group
    Meet fellow your and emerging ICT professionals and become involved in the ongoing development of BICSI and the ICT industry.

  • Find a Mentor
    ICT can seem a bit daunting, but there are many seasoned professionals who would love to share their insight with you as a mentor. Connecting with a mentor is a great way to help you navigate the industry and learn the ins and outs with the help of someone who is well established in the field.

  • Career Resources at BICSI Career Center
    Explore numerous career resources, including resume guidance and access to job postings at no cost.

Become a BICSI Member

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BICSI membership gives you access to multiple ICT resources, including a network of thousands of industry professionals to connect with and learn from. A BICSI membership is a valuable resource to get started and continue in your ICT career, and it is available at a reduced rate for students. Click HERE for a complete list of member benefits and to join.