BICSI International Standards Program

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Standards Project Authorization Request

Section 1: Project Information
End Result of Activity (Choose one)

Describe the need or problem addressed by this activity.

Define the areas to be covered or addressed by this activity or document.

Project Plan - Insert the estimated dates of completion for each step.

Section 2: Developing Body Information
Group previously approved? (Choose one)
If no, please complete the following information:
Initial Members (Must be at least five members)
Section 3: Liaisons/Harmonization

List the relevant stakeholders (e.g., telecom, consumer, medical, environmental) likely to be directly impacted by this standard.

List specific SDOs or standards which require notification and/or may be in conflict with the project.

Section 4: Intellectual Property Considerations
In complying with the standard to be developed (check one):
The body of the standard and any additional sections (check applicable):
Section 5: Comments