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ANSI/BICSI 006-2015, Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Design and Implementation Best Practices



In 2014, mobile data traffic was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global internet traffic in 2000.

Over the next five years, mobile data is projected to increase by a factor of 10. Capacity, access and reliability are words often used to describe what current and future wireless infrastructure needs to be. Solutions like distributed antenna systems (DAS) assist in providing capacity and access. And for a DAS, the design and installation of the DAS is vital for the reliability demanded by users.

ANSI/BICSI 006-2015 is the first DAS infrastructure standard that provides designers and installers both information on the types and components of a DAS and also provides requirements and recommendations for the design and installation of a standards-compliant, vendor-neutral DAS that is able to be used for a wide range of applications, environments and locations.


Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Scope

  • 3. Required Standards and Documents

  • 4. Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Units of Measurement

  • 5. Regulatory and Safety

  • 6. Distributed Antenna Systems and Components

  • 7. DAS Design

  • 8. DAS Infrastructure Implementation

  • 9. Management: Operations, Maintenance, and Administration

  • 10. Location Technologies

  • 11. Site and Functional Support Issues

  • Appendix A: Legal Aspects of Wireless Design (Informative)

  • Appendix B: Tools Used for Testing Coaxial Transmission Lines and Antennas (Informative)

  • Appendix C: Hazardous Environments and Locations (Informative)

  • Appendix D: Related Documents (Informative) 

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