The ICT Design Fundamentals Program was developed as the first step for professionals looking to advance their careers by obtaining prestigious BICSI credentials.

Industry leaders and experts defined the baseline knowledge necessary for success within the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. This core knowledge is delivered online via five BICSI CONNECT courses. The ICT Design Fundamentals Program will assist students with both the immediate goal of achieving a BICSI credential and the long-term goal of career advancement. This program also serves as a transition point for installers and technicians wanting to transfer to a design-oriented career.

After completion of the courses, students are prepared to take the ICT Design Fundamentals exam. Upon successfully passing the exam and having the necessary experience required, an individual is then qualified to apply for any BICSI Design examination.

The ICT Design Fundamentals exam is not a requirement for applying for the RCDD, RTPM or DCDC exams. Current RCDDs are not required to take the ICT Fundamentals exam prior to sitting for the OSP exam.

Course descriptions:

Structured Cabling Systems
Course Fee: Members—$350; Nonmembers—$435
A structured cabling system (SCS) is a complete collective configuration of cabling and associated hardware at a given site, which once installed provides a comprehensive infrastructure. This course discusses pathways, spaces, firestopping, codes and standards, all of which are a core focus of the ICT designer.

Media Selection
Course Fee: Members—$295; Nonmembers—$365
ICT designers must be aware of the various types of media (cable) that are available. Each type and configuration has specific uses and defined installation methods. This course focuses on the types and characteristics of ICT media and their installation procedures, so designers can make the most appropriate media choice for each design.

Bonding and Grounding
Course Fee: Members—$175; Nonmembers—$220
Bonding and grounding are an integral portion of the telecommunications infrastructure for providing a safe electrical operating environment. They are also instrumental in providing a reliable reference for the operation of electronic equipment. This course offers students the opportunity to advance their bonding and grounding knowledge by reviewing basic electrical theory, grounding system configurations and components.

Network Design
Course Fees: Members—$250; Nonmembers—$305
The ICT Designers responsibility doesn't end with structured cabling. In today's highly networked workplace, network integration is a major topic for the ICT designer. This courses explores three separate network applications: data, wireless and data centers.

Project Management
Course Fee: Members—$125; Nonmembers—$155
Project management is required to manage and control projects with teams. It has become an important part of the ICT industry and an important and unique career path for the ICT design professional. This course reviews the common tools and techniques used to ensure a successful project completion.

Note: Individually purchased courses must be completed within 60 days of purchase.

Pay Less with the Fundamentals Bundle
These courses are listed in the order of recommended completion. The courses may be purchased separately for the above prices or as a bundle. Individually purchased courses and exams total $1295 for members and $1580 for nonmembers. A bundle purchase of all five courses plus the exam will allow one year for completion and cost $395 for members or $495 for nonmembers.