Download an RFQ template to use as part of a specification package. The documents below will assist contractors with developing a comprehensive RFQ. See guidelines and instructions below.

The enclosed Request for Quote (RFQ) documents have been produced using Microsoft WORD 2000. You may have to verify that the proper software is available for viewing the files.

The RFQ template specifications are offered as a general guide to assist contractors with developing a comprehensive RFQ. BICSI assumes no liability for any actions arising out of the use or misuse of these specifications. Suitability for use is the responsibility of the user.

The specifications are intended to become part of a larger specification package that contains additional or modified bidding requirements, terms and conditions, and other non-technical documentation. They are NOT meant as the finished components of a stand-alone RFQ.

The general format has 3 parts:
* Updated June 2008
  • Part 1 is the Terms and Conditions template. This section generally provides detailed language as to the relationships and responsibilities of the Vendor and Owner before, during, and after the installation of a project.
  • Part 2 is the General Specifications template that covers how the work is to be done, generally specifying quality of install/demolition issues.
  • Part 3 contains the Technical Specifications template. It includes specific standards and codes that will be followed, submissions, scheduling, and other information. It also includes the parts and pieces to be used to do the work and how the work is to be done.

The General and Technical Specifications documents are sprinkled with specification notes which give options, explanations, and general guidance. They are intended for the specification writer and should be removed prior to issuing.

The document is intended to be a prototype specification. It doesn't cover all situations. It MUST be modified to meet the unique circumstances of each job.