BICSI currently has two affiliates: BICSI South Pacific and BICSI Japan. These affiliations indicate that each has met qualifying criteria to be a self-supporting not-for-profit legal entity. Both affiliates can make decisions that meet the needs of the local membership.

Members will find value in having a greater voice through their local leadership on issues that affect them—whether it is partnerships with other local organizations, local legislative initiatives affecting the industry, or educational and networking opportunities such as conferences and regional events.

BICSI South Pacific Ltd. operates from Melbourne, Australia with staff servicing the needs of more than 300 members in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Guam and Papua New Guinea, as well as 11,000 Australian registered cablers.

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BICSI Japan operates from Tokyo with Manager Kazuo Kato servicing the needs of more than 280 members.

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Press Releases

12/4/07—BICSI Establishes Affiliate Agreement with Japan

10/26/07—BICSI Establishes Affiliate Agreement with South Pacific