Benefits for Students

  • Skilled ICT professionals are in high demand.
  • An alternative to traditional university education.
  • Skills in ICT are not isolated to just one industry, offering versatile career opportunities.
  • Opportunities to earn industry-recognized certifications.
  • Job opportunities are growing faster than average for job-ready specialty ICT skills.
  • Plenty of possibilities for getting promoted and rising through the ranks.


BICSI Can Helpshutterstock_1079701271_small

  • Industry resources crafted with students in mind.
  • Career-related mentorship and thought leadership.
  • Education and training with courses and publications.
  • Certifications to help promote student skill and
    experience level.


How You Can Help

  • Recommend BICSI’s student membership to your students.
  • Work with BICSI to get engaged in the industry.
  • Encourage ICT components in the curriculum.
  • Provide resources linked to the industry to your school administrators and faculty.
  • Host a BICSI event at your school.
  • Offer site visits to local ICT organizations.
  • Provide BICSI publications at your school library.
  • Connect with BICSI at the organizational level.

Connect with BICSI

BICSI works with educational institutions to ensure your students have a plan
for their career in ICT.

How to get started:


    • Promote the BICSI student membership.
    • Share our career resources with your organization and students.
    • Discuss available curriculum options.
    • Refer students to BICSI career support and resources.
    • Promote and encourage students to volunteer and become part of BICSI's  mentorship program.
    • Provide support and refer students to applicable certification preparation
      resources for earning a BICSI credential.
    • Share career path support materials from this website.
    • Include students in planning free conference exhibit floor attendance.

    More about the industry and BICSI

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