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Attention BICSI Members and Credential Holders!

Lights, Camera, Action! Be Featured in BICSI Promotional Materials

Want to come under the BICSI spotlight? Want to share your passion for BICSI and the ICT Community?

BICSI is looking for individuals who want to showcase their pride and passion for the ICT Community, including their BICSI credentials and membership and BICSI's content and courses.  Share your picture and story and you could be spotlighted on bicsi.org, in BICSI advertising campaigns, in Social Media posts, and other promotional materials.  

So download, sign, and submit the Photo/Video release form along with your picture and story below.  We will notify you if you are selected so you can alert your colleagues and friends that you're under the BICSI spotlight.

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Under the BICSI Spotlight

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BICSI Photo/Video Release Form

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