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Authorized Training Facilities

A BICSI Authorized Training Facility (ATF) is a BICSI-approved site that is licensed to offer BICSI installation training. ATFs utilize the same quality curriculum, classroom equipment and materials offered in a BICSI-conducted class. The Authorized Training Facility's individual trainers must also be certified by BICSI.

This replication of a BICSI classroom environment ensures the same quality training you'd expect at a course taught by BICSI, while extending access to a variety of convenient locations, and in many instances, saving the student costly travel fees and time away from the job site.

Become a BICSI ATF!

Become a recognized provider of BICSI's ICT Installation Training and Certification Program at YOUR Organization!

BICSI offers qualified organizations the opportunity to become BICSI Authorized Training Facilities (ATFs), so that they may help expand access to world-class training programs.

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