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Fiber to the X: FttX PON
Mar 5, 2025 | Mar 12, 2025 | Mar 19, 2025
CECs: 6

“Always On” in a technology context refers to systems that are continuously available. High network availability ensures that information and communications technology (ICT) services provided keep running consistently for end-users. The past decade has seen an ever-increasing use of fiber optics as a medium in data communications. With the advent of video, this has spiraled up even further. Fiber—with its advantages of higher bandwidth at farther distances combined with the economy in cost and operations—therefore is the first and foremost choice of media in ICT communication infrastructures.

The two standard and popular communication technologies that use fiber are Ethernet and Passive Optical Network (PON). However, their modes of operation and integration differ in the fundamental aspects of network design architecture, fiber type, components used, layout design, installation techniques, link testing, and network restoration. This difference causes much confusion in the minds of professionals who have gained ICT experience primarily working with fiber in Ethernet networks and also for those who have had little or no field experience and who, therefore, cannot understand what decisions to take when confronted with an on-site work-challenge situation.

With PON fiber to the X (FTTX), a de-facto end-user communication infrastructure of choice, there is no way out but to learn and understand the technology and its deliverables right from its core fundamentals.

To do so, join us in this interactive, knowledge-rich workshop that includes:

  • Scenarios that simulate the problems faced at the workplace
  • Work exercises that mimic what will be users may be expected to perform at the workplace
  • Examples from real life to give learners the chance to learn, in a safe environment, such as what can go wrong and how to fix problems

About the Presenter
Henry Yates
TECH Training Delivery Specialist

Why should you attend?
The training program will address this primary aspect of fundamentally understanding how to build a passive optical network (PON) and how it differs from the conventional fiber Ethernet network. This program invariably will also help address all fundamental doubts and help structure your understanding of the subject to help design, install, test, and restore a PON.

What to expect?
Technical Requirements
This training is offered via Zoom. This training requires an Internet-enabled device and an Internet connection.

Who should attend?

  • ICT professionals interested in learning about PON technologies, especially FTTX, including its core intrinsic details
  • Facility project managers and site supervisors in charge of the network maintenance of their local PON data, voice & video communication infrastructure

What will I learn?
After this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental aspects of PON design architecture, fiber type, components used, layout design, installation techniques, link testing, and network restoration
  • Identify PON FTTX fundamental tasks and challenges
  • Describe the advantages and challenges associated with Fiber Ethernet and Passive Optical Network
  • Implement a fundamental rollout of PON FTTX on future projects

How long is this workshop?
This course is a total of 6 hours. It is divided into three 2-hour sessions, with the first class starting on Wednesday, Mar 5, 2025.

Can I earn credit?
Earn 6 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) upon attending the full session and completing any required discussions and class activities.

What is the cancellation policy?
All BICSI vILT courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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    Fiber to the X: FttX PON $475.00


    Start : 3/5/2025 4:00:00 PM

    End :3/19/2025 6:00:00 PM


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