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BICSI is currently offering most of our courses virtually with the exception of IN250 and TE350.
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DD102: Applied Best Practices for Telecommunications Distribution Design

DD102 is an intensive, hands-on course focused on the design of structured cabling systems. Offering hands-on skill building activities from day one, this knowledge-intensive course instructs you in real-world tasks, preparing you for design roles outside of the classroom. Assignments from the award

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IT Challenges in Construction of New Healthcare Facilities

This presentation is oriented around technology planning for new construction and renovation projects at a health care facility. The presentation begins with a brief overview of the clinic, the technology and business drivers healthcare IT departments are facing, and then delve into our process for

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*FPM101: Fundamentals of Project Management

Project management is required to manage and control projects with teams. It has become an important part of the ICT industry and an important and unique career path for the ICT design professional. This course reviews the common tools and techniques used to ensure a successful project completion.

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RCDD Test Preparation Course version 14

Studies suggest that test preparation courses can help raise a test score by up to 25 percent. The official BICSI RCDD Online Test Preparation Course is more than just you, a computer, and a series of questions. BICSI has designed this comprehensive package to give you access to the highest quality

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