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BICSI is currently offering most of our courses virtually with the exception of IN250 and TE350.
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OSP102: Applied Outside Plant Design

In this unparalleled training class, you will learn elements common to all OSP projects, along with design techniques for underground, direct-buried and aerial cable plant applications. You will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned through a series of design scenarios such as route des

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  • Aug 31-4, 2020

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  • Sep 22-26, 2020

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Is Aerial Going Underground?

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Digging Holes and Planting Poles: Two Perspectives on Outside Plant Design

In this webinar, Craig Dunton (RCDD, OSP, NTS) and Jeff Noble (RCDD, OSP, TECH) will discuss how perspective (designer vs installer) can affect the overall design of an outside plant (OSP) project. Both have the same goal in mind: to construct an optimized OSP infrastructure-safely, correctly and at

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