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BICSI is currently offering most of our courses virtually with the exception of IN250 and TE350.
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Networking Fundamentals

Networking provides a way for devices and users within a network to be able to communicate and share data. In order to understand how networks function, you need to start at the beginning and learn the fundamental building blocks of networks and how data travels from one point to another. In this co

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OSP102: Applied Outside Plant Design

In this unparalleled training class, you will learn elements common to all OSP projects, along with design techniques for underground, direct-buried and aerial cable plant applications. You will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned through a series of design scenarios such as route des

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Ethernet Technologies v2.2

Did you ever want to know more about the spaghetti shaped pieces of copper snaking their way from point A to point B throughout your designs and installations? No longer just a local area network technology, intended for use in premises and campus environments. Ethernet is now suitable for connectio

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Local Area Networks

Did you ever want to know about the different parts that can be used to create a cohesive network? Starting at an introductory level, this course examines the fundamentals and basic hardware components that can be used when designing a local area network. Additionally, a big picture overview is pres

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